About Mind Reading Tricks


Mind reading or Mind reading tricks have more to do with being a sound actor then a psychic. It is usually done by creating a situation which would make the target think that he/she is actually in a phase of mind control and the reveal the results to them in a fashion that would seem nothing but magic. But to be honest, Mind reading tricks are all about math’s, probability and statistics to be precise and to be a good mind reader, you need to know them real well. Secondly, to make the audience think that your actually developing a psychic bond with them or actually getting into their minds, you need to be a sound actor, more precisely a con artist and then even more importantly an excellent presenter. If you master these two arts and are able to create a mystery about yourself and the act your about to perform, you already have won half the battle. This makes the audience focus entirely on the act, its mystery and the fact that it can’t be done. In the meanwhile, you can plan, manipulate and lead the target exactly where you want them by proactively making them come your planned result.

Some of the most common mind reading tricks are based on guessing a digit, symbol or number that is unknown to the mind reader and hence would be impossible to be guessed precisely every time. Let’s take a precise trick to explain the act; In this trick the mind reader will ask you to choose a symbol and after a certain act, the mind reader will reveal the symbol you’re thinking of. This is no joke, and the results are precisely correct every time. You start by asking the target to choose any two digit number. Then ask the target to add these two numbers and subtract it from the original number that you had chosen. After this, select a symbol from the table which equals to the result you have in mind. Once you do that, focus on the symbol and the mind reader will reveal the precise symbol you had in mind. For instance if you chose 40, add 4+0=4 and then subtract the total of this sum from the original number 40-4=36.

Are you wondering how this mind reading trick works? Here is the little secret. The mind reader will create the impression that he is reading your mind, when actually it’s plain mathematics. If a person chooses a number AB, the A being the first digit and B being the second, the calculation says the result would be, 10A+B-(A+B)=9A. This means that whatever the digit B the target selects, your answer could only be one of the 9 numbers mentioned below, when A is between 1 and 9: 9, 18,27,36,45,54,63,72, or 81. Simply put the answer could be any multiple of 9. When you choose a symbol based on the result, the mind reader has the same symbol for all these 9 numbers and different for all the rest. So when he displays the symbol, he is not actually sure about what result you chose but is sure what precise symbol you will. Hence you think of him as a mind reader, with psychic abilities of reading your mind. Now you know they are not that physic after all and just mind reading tricks.

Another one of the simple but astonishing mind reading tricks which can grip an entire crowd with your mind reading capabilities. With an audience at hand, ask ten random people to stand up and call out a name of a famous celebrity. Every time they tell you a name, write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the hat. After completing the hat with all 10 random famous celebrity names in the hat, call out a random person from the crowd ask him to choose a slip from the hat. You then predict the name of the celebrity name the person chose from the hat and astonish them with your mind reading capabilities. When you call out on the first person in the crowd, the person gives out a random name and you write it down on a slip and throw it in the hat. When the second person calls out the name, you write the same name that the first person called out in the second slip as well. This goes on for all 10 names that random people call out. In the end, you have the hat filled with the same name. When a random person is chosen to choose the slip out of the hat, any thought of deceiving vanishes from the crowd as you are not going to pick the slip yourself. In the end, you reveal the name by writing it on a slate after some intense mind concentration or even a wave of a magic wand. But do not forget to tear off the rest of the slips from the hat and never get caught.