All You Need to Know About Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is a medical process that tries to give suggestions on how one should make a positive change in their life. The process involves the use of hypnosis which refers to giving instructions to imagine things in a particular manner. Hypnotherapy assumes that when one follows these instructions, he/she is able to live a life they desire. In other words, it is the alteration of one’s conscious mind such that the person knows what will happen and at what time.

The process is almost the same as dreaming, but for this one, you are conscious and controlling everything that is happening in your imagination. This process helps individuals to relax, avoid distress and mental problems. Hypnotherapy has been there for several years and is currently used by many, to solve present problems. Other than treating mental problems, hypnosis can also be used to treat physical problems such as insomnia and IBS. However, it is advisable that you visit your GP before seeing a hypnotherapist especially if you are suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia and depression.

Different types of hypnotherapy

There are different types of hypnotherapy, and their application depends on the state of the individual. Here, are the various kinds of hypnotherapy.

Suggestion hypnotherapy

This is a short time treatment to an individual’s problem. This type of hypnotherapy is applied to solve problems that have no root-cause such as smoking. It is the best therapy to treat problems with time constraints. Suggestion hypnotherapy involves a hypnotherapist suggesting ways a patient can apply to do something they desire or stop doing something they want to quit.

Analytical hypnotherapy

Also known as hypnoanalysis, unlike suggestion hypnotherapy, deals with deeper problems. Analytical hypnotherapy is a bit complicated as it involves psychotherapy with the use of hypnosis. This type of hypnotherapy attempts to figure out the root-cause of the problem and deal with it completely.  Although some of these problems can be solved by the use of hypnotherapy, the problem is likely to crop back as the root-cause has not been dealt with.

Unlike suggestion hypnotherapy, this kind of hypnotherapy demands commitment from the patient. It aims at changing the life of the patient completely. It not only aims at managing the problem, but ensuring that it is solved permanently.

Cognitive hypnotherapy

This is the most modern way of hypnotherapy. Unlike the other types of hypnotherapy, cognitive hypnotherapy combines theories from other disciplines such as Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, and NLP. The combination of these disciplines aims at coming up with a solution to an individual’s problem in preference to their personality, goals and values. This basically means that there is not one specific solution for all problems; the therapy depends on one’s problem and preference.

In this type of hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist attempts to fit in the mindset of his client using language and techniques of the client. He then uses an analytical technique to clear any unwanted thought in the client’s mind and retain the positive ideas that would be helpful to the client. For this to be possible, the hypnotherapist must try to fit in the client’s world for him to understand the problem better.

Cognitive hypnotherapy relies heavily on the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) discipline. This type of discipline attempts to understand how we communicate, think and our behavioral patterns. One of the branches of NLP is neurology which is deals with how human bodies function and the way they receive experiences. The other branch is the language which attempts to understand how people communicate and the last is programming which deals with how persons’ behavior changes to different situations.

Choosing a hypnotherapist

In the UK, there is not a single law that controls hypnotherapists’ training and practices. However, you can get professional hypnotherapists form the various registered associations. These professional associations aim at outlining ethics and conducts to be followed by hypnotherapists to ensure excellent services.

For a therapist to be licensed by these associations, he must have qualified to be a professional hypnotherapist. This is by undergoing training and being accredited from his skills and knowledge. Again, he/she must be willing to adhere to the ethics put forward by these associations.

You can get hypnotherapists by searching them online. Ensure that the sites you are visiting are legitimate. You can also verify the hypnotherapist’s skills by looking at their lines. If he is not registered by one of the available professional associations, you are advised not to use their services. You can also look at their experiences by enquiring on how long they have been practicing hypnotherapy. The best method to get the best hypnotherapist, however, is asking your neighbor, friend or relative. They will direct you to hypnotherapists they have utilized their services in the past and had a good experience.

Choose hypnotherapy today and live a stress free life.