Asia as A Preferred Destination For IVF


What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) means fertilization outside the human body or in the laboratory. This applies to any type of conception where fertilization takes place outside the body. It is a major treatment for a variety of problems such as endometriosis, tube-peritoneal disturbances, pelvic adhesions, PCOD and unexplained infertility. The process involves monitoring and stimulating your ovulatory process, removing an ovum and letting sperm fertilize them in a liquid in a laboratory. The fertilized egg is developed for 2–6 days and is then transferred to the uterus. This process is done with extreme precision and care.

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    • Reasons for Choosing IVF in Asian Countries: -

      Choosing a foreign country for IVF process can be a difficult decision to make furthermore if the safety of the mother and the future child is in question. So, let us find out why you should prefer Asian countries for IVF treatment.

      1. Price – IVF can be very expensive specifically if there are several cycles required and even additional procedures like ICSI, IUI, Egg Donation add to the expenses.
        Travelling to an Asian Country can save up to 70-75% of your expenses including theIVF centre’s expenses, travel and other expenses. In USA, one IVF cycle ranges from 12500-14000 dollars. But cost drops at a high rate in the emerging countries for IVF especially in India, Thailand, Turkey etc. Here the cost for one IVF cycle ranges from 3000-5000 dollars.
      2. Unavailability of treatment - At present some countries like Nigeria, Egypt and other African Countries suffer from the unavailability of quality IVF treatment. Therefore, if you are the residents of these countries you will be forced to opt for IVF abroad.
      3. Failure- The failure of an IVF cycle can be disheartening for you and the dream of having a child can lead you to try these Asian countries which have high success rate at low prices.
      4. Sometimes your decision for choosing the country for IVF treatment depends on accreditation, accessibility to the location etc.

      Fertility tourism is on the rise in the recent years and many future parents are travelling abroad for IVF treatment.

      Top 5 countries for IVF treatment in Asia:

      1. India – it is one of the most affordable countries for IVF treatment. India offers latest fertility techniques and a team of acclaimed doctors with over a decade’s experience. Treatment in India assures you safe procedures and a high success rate. The growth in medical tourism revenues has tripled in 4 years.
        Top cities of IVF treatment – Mumbai, Delhi Hyderabad, Kolkata are the main cities for IVF treatment. But, IVF centres in Chennai are one the most popular as it offers latest medical treatments, excellent clinic facilities and high success rate.
      2. Thailand – It offers the quality of treatment as offered by the US but at a very less cost. The doctors perform a wide range of procedures which are not available in the West. Thailand has a high success rate with modern medical equipment and techniques. Bangkok, Pattaya are the major cities for IVF treatment.
      3. Malaysia – Malaysia ranks among the best countries in the world for a variety of medical procedures which includes fertility procedures. IVF clinics provide a range of treatments like ICSI, IUI, sperm and egg donation which are all legal, safe and have a huge success rate.
      4. South Korea -The popularity of South Korea has shot up over the past decade. The doctors are inclined to be the best in the field so they practice latest technology for fertility treatments with affordable prices. They are emerging as one of the best countries in this field.
      5. Singapore – Singapore is one of the oldest country in Asia for IVF treatment and it offers the best health care system in Asia, according to WHO. It provides state of the art facilities, best hygiene and friendly staff who are experts in English speaking. The first IVF baby in Asia was born in 1983 in Singapore which is a proof that it is a specialist in this area. KKVF centre, Singapore is the largest IVF centre in the country.

      Cost Comparison of different countries for IVF:-

      Country Approximate Cost
      USA 12146 dollars
      India 3238 dollars
      Thailand 4047 dollars
      Malaysia 7284 dollars
      South Korea 7250 dollars
      Singapore 7300 dollars

      Causes and factors of female infertility: -

      There are many factors which can lead to female infertility. Though it can be classified into Acquired, genetic or by location. There is no proof that there will be only factor which will lead to infertility. It is mostly caused by a combination of factors. Let us analyze what are the major factors:

      1. Acquired Factors: According to the survey conducted Age, smoking, Weight issues can affect fertility of women. Let us now discuss the factors in detail:
        • Age – A woman’s fertility decreases with her age. Her fertility is highest in her 20s and it starts to decline rapidly after 35. Though there is no exact proof for you in this area but it is generally believed. The health of both mother and father should be proper to conceive naturally.
        • Smoking – Smoking is harmful to your ovaries and the degree of harm depends on the length of exposure you smoke. Nicotine interfere with female hormones, embryo transport, receptivity of egg transfer etc. Also, smoking reduces the success of IVF treatment of giving a live birth.
        • Weight Issues – This factor is an important cause for infertility. Too much fat cells make your brain think as if it is on birth control reducing your chances of pregnancy. Even being underweight does not provide nourishment to the ovaries therefore reduces the chances of conceiving.
        • Chemotherapy – It poses as a high-risk factor for infertility. Some drugs and steroids can increase your risk of infertility.
        • Diabetes–If you have diabetes, you are at a high risk for infertility mainly reflected by delayed puberty, menstrual irregularities.
      2. Genetic Factors – There are many genes which lead to infertility due to mutation of the genes. Also, the genetic condition of MRKH causes infertility.

      Finally, there are many factors of female infertility which cannot be explained which can be accounted for as chromosomal abnormalities.

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