Awakening - Final Part of The Self-Hypnosis Process


Awakening is the final part of the self-hypnosis process. This is the part when you come back to full awareness, allowing the conscious mind to come back to its more dominant role.

Many of the self hypnosis instruction books and leaflets I have seen tend to be a little brief when it comes to the awakening stage of self hypnosis, but I happen to think it’s quite important! After all, it would be dangerous and disorientating to come back from trance too quickly or incompletely, with your unconscious mind still in overall control, and your senses not fully working – it would be like sleep walking!

So, I recommend that you do not skim over this page, but make sure you are able to fully and completely bring yourself out of yourself hypnosis session.

The first thing we need to do is acknowledge the possibility of waking from self hypnosis at any time: either when we deliberately bring ourselves back at the end of our self hypnosis; or during the self-hypnosis session due to a disturbance or distraction.

That is why I recommended putting in the suggestion about coming back to full awareness on the ‘Induction’ page! There may be times when you have to deal with a distraction of some sort – when you have to just open your eyes and deal with whatever has happened. You will need to be fully aware, so don’t skimp – put in the suggestion I recommend as you are entering self-hypnosis. Remember that you can minimise this by practising self hypnosis at a time when you are least likely to be disturbed. (And turn your phone off!)

If you have had to come out of self hypnosis urgently, if you have the time and opportunity after dealing with the cause of the disturbance, it is a good idea to return to your relaxed state of mind in order to bring yourself out of self hypnosis properly – to ensure that you are fully alert and aware by using the process below.

Mostly you will be able to get through your self hypnosis session uninterrupted, and so you will be able to bring yourself out of self hypnosis properly and in your own time.

It is quite simple: you counted yourself down, so now you need to count yourself back up!

Before you start to count, in order to make the awakening complete, you need to tell yourself that you are awakening!

“It’s now time to come back to full awareness, back to full alertness. In a few moments time, I count from 1 to 10. I slowly awaken with each number: at the count of 8 I open my eyes; at the count of 10 I am fully wide awake; fully aware and fully alert at the count of 10.”

You can probably guess the next step! Yes – you slowly count up from 1 to 10!

As you reach the number 8, open your eyes, and as you reach the number 10, say to yourself: “Ten – wide awake, wide awake, fully wide awake.”

After bringing yourself out of self-hypnosis, you might like to stretch and then go about your normal activities. I suggest that you allow yourself to be relaxed after waking up, to retain the calmness that you will have generated during your self hypnosis, and to allow yourself to be fully re-orientated to reality.

So, now you have completed the entire self hypnosis process: induction; deepening; ‘therapy’; awakening.

I recommend that the first few times you do self hypnosis you keep it simple and just get used to the process and remembering to include everything. When you are confident about the process, then you can start to use your suggestions and your visualizations to create the change you desire.