Development Chart For 1 Year Old Baby


It looks like just yesterday that your little bundle of joy had been in your arms and now it’s the time when you are planning for your baby’s first birthday.

Time runs faster than expected and when you look back in time you remember that your baby was unable to do many things which they can now do easily. All this has been a development on their end which you have helped them with. Glimpsing through the milestones achieved by your baby in the last one year now is the time to look at their future developments and how can you be of help to make them transform into a healthy individual.

Baby Development Chart

Let us look at a few of the things that will help you to chart down their development.

Growth years and motor skills

Your baby has now gained almost triple the weight as compared to their birth weight and their height has also increased to about 11 inches.

At this time the brain of the child is of around 60% of the adult size. During this time the weight of your baby will start to slow down as more activities will increase.

But this is not a cause for the concern as the activities will help them to grow faster. The motor skills in your baby may have reached its peak and the baby must have been able to stand up on their own. Some may have even taken those baby steps which tremble with excitement.

If no, then be ready with your video camera to capture them as and when they do. They must have been able to help themselves with a few daily chores like holding the spoon to be fed, brushing their hair while their mothers do so, or may be turning the storybook pages on their own.

Let your Child Decide

Your child’s diet may have been fixed by now, but you will see a change and they may be moody to be fed on the same time every now and then.

Do not pressurize them and introduce new foods to make them get a good diet as soon as possible. This will help them to know what is liked by their taste buds and will help you to give them the right kind of foods for growth and development.

There are chances that your baby may not have what you usually feed them and are interested in eating what you consume. This is a change of heart for them and you should respect that and make them sit with you so that they can develop their taste for the foods which adults eat.

This will also help them get the vitamins and proteins that are available in your diet. Make sure that your baby gets fat in their diet and don’t stop them from this. This may sound abrupt but your baby gets half of the calories from the fats they eat.

Fats and cholesterol are very much necessary for their growth and development during this time. As your child becomes two, you can reduce the intake of calories from their diet and make it one-third by the time they are four or five years.

Communication With your Child

At this age, your child will be eager to communicate with you and try to speak up many words. Babies develop their vocabulary at the age of one and try to imitate what their parents speak. So you may hear a lot of mama or dada which is referring to you. They may also speak many words which you use daily and which fascinate them. So be ready to be mimicked by your baby.

At this time your baby starts to understand what you tell them and will try respond back to you by a NO or a tantrum which they usually do. Make them understand that such a behavior is not good and would not be allowed. Also while doing so make sure you praise them or treat team when they do something good.

This will boost their spirits and they will do more of these things. Your baby will develop stranger anxiety or will prefer a few people over others. This is a passing phase and you should try to leave as quickly as possible and assure them that you will return as soon as possible.

Let them explore

At this stage, they are all on an exploration expedition and you should help them by creating a safe environment and give them a cabinet filled with plastic boxes spoons or anything that is not harmful. This will help them to explore new things on their own. Your baby will now start to roam around at home and you should baby proof everything that will be in their reach. Let them use baby walkers for carpet to make sure they can explore better. All this will give your baby a larger playground and help them to understand things on their own.