Basic Hypnosis Techniques to Successfully Hypnotise Their Subjects


Hypnotists use many different methods and techniques to successfully hypnotise their subjects.

Below we look at a few basic hypnotism techniques.

1) Intense Focus

You will be familiar with this one. The hypnotist holds an object which he tells his subject to gaze deeply into. For sure you have seen the pocket watch on a chain, or a pendulum, which the hypnotist swings slowly in front of the subject. Another popular object for this is a spinning disk with a spiral pattern on it. This can cause the subject to feel dizzy, disoriented, and drawn into the disk. Still, other hypnotists will use a candle, telling their subject to look deeply into the flame. With any of these tools, the idea is to have the subject so focused on the object that they will eventually tune out everything around them. Once they are in hypnotic state the hypnotist will begin to speak to their subject in a soft, relaxed, soothing monotone voice setting the mood for relaxation and preparing the subject for suggestions.

2) Sir Yes Sir

This technique is often employed by stage hypnotists. It is popular because of its high success rate and dramatic effect. With this method, the hypnotist comes at the subject sudden and forceful commands. To be effective the commands must be forceful enough to totally convince the subject he is one hundred percent under the control of the hypnotist. This will allow him to readily introduce the desired suggestions.

3) Take It Easy

The goal here is to relax the subject totally. She will feel so comfortable and relaxed that her natural defences will be lowered. This will make her very receptive to suggestions from the hypnotist. Psychiatrists will often employ this method especially with patients in a state of extreme stress, or anxiety. When used as part of a hypnotherapeutic program, this technique will give the subject a feeling of well being which is always beneficial to the patient. Another name for this technique is "progressive relaxation and imagery". This method can be used in meditation and self-hypnosis as well. Soft lighting or candles, relaxing music can also be utilised to further promote a relaxed feeling.

These are just a few of the many techniques used in hypnosis, we will study this further as we go.