Benefits of Lemon Drink (Warm) On An Empty Stomach


If you have the habit of drinking squeeze lemon juice in a glass of warm water every morning it will have amazing effects on your health.

Good Health This measure confessed advanced clinical utility of the centuries-old and proven to them that the B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium and carbohydrates in lemon juice are also healthy fats the lemon juice is also a natural anti-oxidant.

Advantages of Lemon Drink

Squeeze half the lemon drink daily on an empty stomach in hot water a few advantages are as follows:

  1. Eliminate Heartburn: gastrointestinal irritation or lemon juice to remove the acidity is the panacea and has a half-empty stomach with warm water twice more this utility.
  2. Cold & Flu: a natural anti-oxidant that works well enough vitamin C in lemon juice that are also found in the antiseptic properties. Therefore, the use of lemon juice with warm water and cold very beneficial in the treatment of colds remains concerned.
  3. Better prevention of diseases: use lemon water daily to our body Improves Lymphatic functions (Lymphatic functions), the natural defense system against infections in the body (immune system) to more robust and enables they could eliminate them quickly recognize the microbes, viruses and substances to disease.
  4. Muscle pain after exercise some hours after exercise, muscle aches, but seems to be on an empty stomach is a pain even warm lemon water.
  5. Bladder problems: an empty stomach to drink half a lemon squeezed in warm water you will end up without any pain medication bladder stay drink lemon water with meals.
  6. Kidney stones: Add lemon juice to prevent kidney stones and potassium components of the citric acid solution in the urine turns out body.
  7. Also useful in the Sugar: Besides improving the juice over the fruit is also 'pectin' control a substance that is found in the sense of hunger called the punch while the other lemon water digestion leaves emissions bilious juice (bile juice) also increased. So not only do I control the amount of sugar in the blood can not collect fat in the body, which is a good omen for the diabetics.
  8. Swelling and pain in arthritic joints straight out of the lemon reduces uric acid accumulation in joints water use rate is a problem in that those whose joints they have arthritis patients.
  9. Treating nails are much internal fat and skin on skin, nails caused by acid jhayyan appears that domestic Tip of lemon rubbed on the skin to eliminate the very common. If there is too little tips need to be kept warm lemon water with the same routine.

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