The Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Children

benefits of outdoor play for children

Few decades ago most children spent their childhood riding bikes and on playing games like baseball etc on the streets nearby.But today,due to the advancement of technology most children spend a huge chunk of the time indoors playing video games,games on their tablets or watching television.

The agency for children health development says that plenty of unstructured play for children is essential and important to the health of children.

We are going to look at the benefits of children having their game time outdoors and some of the games children can indulge in, because the importance of outdoor play for children cannot be underestimated.


There is a lot of concerns concerning the growing rate of obesity between children of the 1980s and children of today.As reports shows that the rate of obesity in children has doubled today.A sure way of tackling obesity is for children to have lots of outdoor games.

Children are involved in activities like running,swimming,dancing,jumping and many more which lets children have enough exercise that makes them have physical strength.

Outdoor play also protects the child from osteoporosis and health conditions such as heart diseases and diabetes by improving the immune system and vitamin D levels.

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      Physical activities help children in tackling stress due to lots academic activities.Yes i know it's difficult for you to belief that children could suffer from depression due to busy school activities but we find out that depression in children is very today.

      Outdoor play helps combat all those health issues. Contacts with nature helps children to reduce their stress and depression levels.And it also impacts on their condition of anxiety positively. This can be confirmed by The Children & Nature Network.


      The unstructured outdoor play in children helps in building and developing of the kids intelligenceinvolving of physical activities makes the brain of the active and sharp.

      As this transit into the classroom making the kids focus better on learning and also make the children perform also gives room for creativity which the children can apply to their academic activity which produces better results. This can be confirmed by the AAP.


      The AAP also reports that outdoor play in kids helps in social development. As a child learn how to interact with other children naturally,they also learn how to settle differences, they learn how they can negotiate their way.And they are further exposed or allowed to adventure they will learn more superior skills that will give them self confidence,self reliance and advocacy which will give ease on building good relationships leading them to become good leaders of the future.

      As i said earlier,there used to be a time when kids will get back from school, pull off their school sweater and get off outside to play, but unfortunately all that have changed with all the video games and all that We need to get our kids outside with some exciting games to play. here are five of the exciting outdoor games for children.


      For such a long time, kids have always dreamed of becoming baseball players, giving the kids the opportunity is one of the thing you can do, as they get to learn the rudiments of the game at a very young age.

      Here on 'My time at Bat' we promote the sport of baseball. The sport has physical benefits such as physical strength, hand-eye conditioning and balance. lt also gives social benefits like citizenship, teamwork, disciple and leadership. You can't get enough of it on this wonderful blog "My Time At Bat"


      Soccer is the most popular game in the world. Having the kids play this game is also one of the best you can give as they can chose it as a carrier as adults. having soccer can prevent kids from getting bored because of its fast pace as compared to other games.

      The physical benefits are cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, physical strength, coordination balance and weight control. The social benefits are disciple, teamwork, leadership, fairness and self esteem.


      Everyone can agree with me that bicycling is a lot fun to do. Because most of us must have remembered riding bicycle as a kid. Having our kid have a go at riding bicycles releases stress and depression as a result of extracurricular activities and it can also be taken as a carrier in the future.

      Kids as young as 4 can learn. The physical benefits are leg balance, weight control, balance and cardiovascular fitness. The social benefits are disciple, self esteem, sense of community and family bonding.


      Yes you might be concerned about having your child go on skating because of safety issues but that is resolved through safety kits that will be provided before letting your kid go skating and you can involve a professional training. The physical benefits are balance, flexibility muscle strength and also social skills also such as feeling of freedom and self esteem


      Though it might be unexciting to some, but its also a good form of exercise. As it is good for kids who don't like rigorous form of exercise. Ranging from a walk to the park to hiking up the mountain. lt can done with mom and dad which makes it more fun. And can be done by kids as young as 2.This brings about social bonding such as family bonding, feeling of freedom, environmental awareness and builds self esteem.

      Final Verdict:

      The benefits of outdoor play in children cannot be over estimated as it will not only benefit the health and well being of the children but also the community and nation at large. So get the kids together and play some games together. they are great fun. And lets enjoy the games on any season. Technology should not be a hindrance so drop the video games and lets go outside to play.