Can Everybody Be Hypnotised - A Question


This is a commonly asked question about Hypnosis. For some people, they are totally convinced and hold on to the idea that it’s impossible for them to be hypnotised and that hypnosis will never work for them. What is the fact of the matter? It is impossible for some people to go into hypnosis the way that they claim? In theory, everybody can be hypnotised, there’s no physical reason why an individual can’t experience a hypnotic state. However, they may be psychological reasons that cause an individual to be reluctant or resistant to the idea of hypnosis and this would prevent them or make it difficult for them to relax and experience a hypnotic trance state.

For people that claim they can’t be hypnotised, very often they have a need for control and that if they allowed themselves to be hypnotised, they would be giving over their control to the hypnotherapist or hypnotist. So they never allow themselves enough relaxation to enter a hypnotic trance state. The fact is that during hypnosis the individual always is in control of the process, at anytime they could say to the hypnotist “I’ve had enough”. So for the individuals who says “I can’t be hypnotised!” because of their belief about hypnosis means giving away control to someone else. If they were to let go of that belief, they would enjoy the benefits of hypnosis. During hypnosis, you are in control of your mind and your body. You may notice that your conscious mind becomes more and more relaxed allowing your unconscious mind to come to the front.

Another key factor is to find the right hypnotherapist for you, someone who you have the great rapport with and who you feel comfortable working with. In our next article, we’ll be looking at how to find the right hypnotherapist for you, what questions to ask to find out if they are well trained and are going to be the right hypnotherapist for you to work with.

Rapport is an important part of the process too. For some people, they find it difficult to access hypnotic states because there is a lack of rapport with the hypnotherapist or hypnotist they are working with. To be able to access deep levels of trance, it’s important that the hypnotherapist has established a high degree of rapport with the client and that the client trusts the hypnotist. This allows the client relax and get the best results from hypnosis.