Can Hypnosis Help in case of Depression


In this post, I write about how to use hypnosis to work with depression.

First, what is depression? Depression is characterised by persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopeless, or pessimism. There is sometimes a loss of interest in hobbies and activities that once were enjoyed. There can be insomnia, loss of appetite, and sometimes thoughts of suicide.

Now, let me digress and ask, does a fish know about water? The answer is no. A fish does not know about water because it has nothing to contrast it to. In other words, it can not know water without also knowing about what is not water. Only fish who have experienced being out of water truly knows what water is.

Using the same reasoning, a person suffering from depression truly only knows that he is depressed if he has also experienced something other than depression, something to contrast it to.

In other words, a person who knows he is depressed also has within his memory, built into his neurology, the experience of something that is not depression.

I use the various techniques of hypnosis to first revivify and expand that experience of something that represents not depression. This serves, first, to give my client a feeling of hope. That, yes, he has experienced something other than depression and maybe he can again.

Further work in this area will give the client a basis on which to try new behaviours that will bring about further experiences of something other than depression.

Mindful techniques are also taught to help the client discover his thoughts that keep cementing the depression in place. Once the client is aware how he keeps the depression in place, he can begin to give up those thoughts and adapt a better positive thinking style.

Getting out of depression and adopting a more positive outlook on life can be a task that is akin to driving down a deeply rutted road and attempting to steer the car out of the rut and into a new direction.

The change is not going to happen overnight. With persistent effort, and the help of a hypnotist, it can be done and the habit of a new positive life can be achieved.