Can You Work With Several Hypnosis Cds At The Same Time?


Mark asks: “Can you work with several hypnosis CDs at the same time?”

Working with several hypnosis CDs is like learning different subjects in school. If you work with only one subject or issue, you may get faster results because you’d be putting more energy and focus into that subject.

However, if you are working on a subject that is very challenging for you and that takes a long time to achieve, you may get better results if you work on subjects that are easier for you to achieve, tasks where you can achieve desired results faster.

Some subjects work well together and mastering each one of them can help you to develop skills that are transferable. For example, if you were learning how to type and to play the piano, both would help you to develop dexterity with your fingers. Or of you were learning how to dance, any subjects related to the study of music, rhythm, body movement, flexibility, and dance patterns, or posture would help you to develop as a dancer.

Likewise, if you wanted to boost your sports performance, lost weight and quit smoking, being involved in sports and incorporating a healthy lifestyle, can help you to easily accomplish all of those goals at the same time.

If you wanted to improve your learning ability, developing focus and concentration, visualisation, problem-solving skills, and accessing your intuitive ability could all help you.

If you get easily distracted and prefer variety, you can benefit from working on different subjects, because taking your mind off one subject, while you work on another, would take off the pressure and allow your subconscious mind to work on it, while you are consciously attending to something else.

For example, if you were studying for exams and wanted to get a fit body at the same time, taking a break from studying to incorporate some physical activity, would get both your mind and body in a better shape for accomplishing your goals. The intense physical activity would not only contribute to the better shape and health of your body but would add more oxygen to your brain enabling you to think better and be in a better mood and in a state of mind where you can learn easier.

Some people are naturally more inclined toward multi-tasking, while others find it easier to focus fully on one goal at a time. If you don’t know your personal preferences, you can easily discover what would work best for you by experimenting with different approaches.

When you are working with hypnosis, the more you practice using your mind power, the faster will you develop the skill of getting results in any area of your life.