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Control Mind Power

If you can control mind power then you have the ability to become an expert persuader who can easily influence people using what we call mind control and persuasion techniques.

Many people often think that if they can just control mind power then they will be able to take control of every other area of their lives, and they’d be right. When you’re able to control mind power you’re able to redirect your focus to achieve your goals and to really get out of the life the things which are going to bring you true fulfilment and happiness.

How To Control Mind Power By Directing Focus

Have you ever heard of the saying “What we focus on determines our actions?”. We’ll it’s one way to control mind power that I learnt a long time ago and what it’s really about is getting what you want out of life by directing your focus and that’s what real mind control is all about, directing your own internal focus to achieve your goals and directing the focus of others to influence and to persuade.

So let’s start off with how to control mind power to get what you want out of life. Well first of all as I said, you need direct your focus. So how do you do that? What you need to do is to determine your desired outcome. So chances are you came to this website because you typed in something to do with “mind control” or “how to control mind power”. So my question to you is why were you looking for that specific thing? So what is your desired outcome, because that’s the most important part of learning to control mind power, you have to know your desired outcome. The reason why is because if you don’t know what you want, you won’t get anywhere at all and you will never control mind power.

The First Step To Control Mind Power

So the absolute first thing you need to do to control mind power is you need to know your outcome specifically.

So what I want you to do right now is grab a pen and some paper and I want you to do this exercise and it will help you to control mind power and it’s quite possible that it might change your life, because believe me it changed mine.

What Is Your Desired Outcome For Learning To Control Mind Power?

So hopefully by now you’ve got yourself a pen and paper, so the first question I want you to write down is “What is my desired outcome learning to control mind power ?” In other words what do you hope to achieve by learning to control mind power? So write down that question and then answer the question honestly, because remember this is only for you, no one else is going to see the answer that you write so write it down honestly.

So an example might be “my desired outcome for learning to control mind power is to have more confidence in any social situation I’m in, to be more successful in every area of my life, to become a naturally attractive man and to be the guy who people look up to.”

Ok, so just write your own answer, whatever your desired outcome for learning to <a style=”text-decoration: none; color: black;” href=””>Control Mind Power</a> looks like just write it down.

The Second Step To Learning To Control Mind Power

So the control mind power question number 2 is “How will I feel when I’ve achieved it?

So again write down an honest answer, and an example might be “when I have learnt to control mind power I will feel finally happy with myself, like I am good enough for people and like no one is better than me and I will finally feel content”.

So write down your own answer, and again it doesn’t matter what it is, just be truthful.

The Third Step To Learning To Control Mind Power

The Control Mind Power question number 3 is “How will I know when you’ve achieved it?”

So an example might be “I’ll know I’ve achieved it when I can walk into any situation and I have people actually wanting to come up and talk to me and when I talk they listen to me and I don’t have to do what other people say to make them like me.”

The Fourth Step To Learning To Control Mind Power

So the control mind power question 4 is “what does x feel like?”, and x is your answer to the last question.
Ok, so there’s your 4 questions that will get you on your way to control mind power.

What’s The Next Step To Control Mind Power

The next step to control mind power is to begin developing a plan to go and get it, go and get that desired outcome, and listen… if you actually do this then you will be miles and miles ahead of everyone else.

Clearly, it’s possible to control mind power and it can be really useful to get some training to help you along the way,  and I hope all of you sufferers can find some relief soon! My advice is to give the Mind Control course a try and see for yourself:)