5 Benefits Of Conversational Hypnosis


The are many benefits to practicing self conversational hypnosis.

In this blog post,

I will list down 5 of the key benefits for someone who practices this kind of hypnosis technique:

  1. Achieving your goals – Goals are the rules of the game in life. Without goals, you do not know what your purpose is or if you are heading on the right direction. You need to know what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Without a destination, you won’t be able to begin to move in the right direction. Setting goals gives you direction and focus, both short term and long term. The application of self hypnosis will make your goals a reality.
  2. The skill of mental rehearsal – By using hypnosis, you will acquire the skill of mental rehearsal using all of your senses. Mental rehearsal is a consistent pattern of the top performers in every field. Anything we do in the outside world must first happened in the inside world of our mind. Visualization is usually the most effective way to rehearse mentally, but sight is not your only sense, so visualization is not the only way to practice mentally. Everyone has their own individual way of thinking. Therefore individual person will want a to build a mental rehearsal program that is uniquely theirs. By doing that, it will tailor the program to their own goals and way of thinks.
  3. Acquire the ability to concentrate, to focus and pay attention to the present moment – In the world of sports, athletes use many different words for this: “concentration”, “flow”, “being in the zone“. This is a situation where everything goes right, there is no sense of effort or force, everything happens naturally by itself and all you have to do is enjoy it and stop yourself from interfering. The usage of hypnosis will get to to that state more often.
  4. Ability to deal with distraction and anxiety – Distraction come in many forms: work stress, poor environment, bad luck, incompetent bosses etc. Not all of these are within our control. Some should be within our control, but prove tantalizingly elusive, like the internal voices that whisper in our ear and distract us at critical moments. We have to deal with these distraction and manage of thoughts. Self hypnosis will help you to do that.
  5. Ability to learn from our performance, triumph or disaster – We have to deal with success and failure in our life. Success we want to duplicate and failure we want to avoid. Top performers make mistakes, but they rarely make the same mistake twice. Unfortunately, we take what we can do well for granted and concentrate on what we cannot achieve. By using conversational hypnosis, it will have you to zoom in into your successes and let it embraces your thought.