Conversational Hypnosis - Understanding the Visual Nature of People


Conversational hypnosis is basically the process of hypnotizing a person without actually putting the person into hypnotism. It can be a great tool to get people’s attention. It gives you the ability to establish trust or rapport with the person, enabling you to communicate your feelings clearly.

Rapport is defined as the process of being synchronised with another person subconsciously. Establishing rapport is critical for proper communication because it will take you a long way in gaining the trust of the person you are communicating with.

This is not like normal hypnosis, it doesn’t involve hypnotising the subject, everything happens subconsciously within the conversation. Conversational hypnosis involves Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). One important aspect of NLP and conversational hypnosis are three representational systems. They are visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

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This system basically defines the kind of person who gravitates towards their visual field. Some people may be more in tune with their visual field. When something is explained to them, they are very good at imagining those things in their heads and later when recalling that conversation, a mental image will pop up in their minds. Artists and musicians fall into this category.


Auditory deals with the people who depend upon their auditory sense. They are more used to sounds. They would try and associate things with sounds and words. People who are in tune with sounds often say “sounds good” or “I hear what you are saying”.


This system is associated with people who rely on their sense of touch. When talking to a person of this category, he might say “hold on” when they are asking you to wait. Sculptors represent this group. The sense of touch is able to appeal to anybody’s representational system thereby enabling you to establish a decent level of trust. It gives the subject a feeling that you are there for him and you understand his feelings.

Once that kind of trust is established, he is more likely to listen to you. There are two ways to hypnotise a person subconsciously. It is discussed in the following section.

Utilising The Mirroring Method

This method works like a mirror, imagine that you are in front of a mirror, then slowly raise your left hand, the image will raise its right hand. In mirroring method, you are actually mirroring another person to establish rapport with that person.

You can hypnotise someone subconsciously by mirroring him. Try to imitate the way he behaves. For example: If he is sitting with his right leg crossed, then you must sit with your left leg crossed, this sends a message that you are like him and this happens subconsciously.

Another way of mirroring someone is to mirror their breathing pattern. Imitate their breathing rhythm. There is a technique called cross-over mirroring. In cross-over mirroring you will be able to mirror someone’s breathing without altering your breathing pattern.

In this, if you want to mirror breathing, you can tap your finger or pen using the same rhythm as their breathing. You must do this very carefully otherwise you might get spooked. This technique requires the tremendous amount of practice. Doing it too fast can get you spooked or doing it too late will not let you establish rapport.

Exercise your skills and try it on your friends. If you have patience, you can certainly master this skill.