Covert Hypnosis for Persuasion - Persuade a Person to be in Line with you


The social existence of a person depends largely on his ability to interact with others. Often situation will rise for a person to get the support from others. If someone is not willing to oblige you may have to look for other sources. You will have to persuade a person to satisfy your needs. You can easily persuade a person if you are physically or financially stronger than the other. But the better way is to use your skills and knowledge successfully to bring others under your command.

We can see many ways of persuasion used all around the world in the form of physical and financial strength. Weapons are used by people and countries for centuries to make others obey them. The skills for communication were also used widely to persuade others. You can recall from history the ability of good orators who could change the mind of thousands and millions of people in one speech. Bargaining in trade is another area where we can see communication skill is used to persuade others.

The importance of peace and hazards of using physical strength was soon realised by the people as they got more civilised. Soon they were replaced by the ability of mind and tongue to bring others under command.

Power is the most sought by humans ever since he got the ability to think. Power exists in various forms like social, political and physical. Governments, leaders, parents, teachers, institutions and scoundrels, all need power in one way or the other. But the power of words is found to be the greatest weapon than all others. It comes from the mind of a powerful person and has the strength to revolutionize the society.

The ability to control others thorough you words is called verbal persuasion. The art of learning this has been recognised to be important and was pursued by many people. Verbal persuasion depends on the ability of a person to use powerful words and the way in which the words are delivered.

There are much application of verbal persuasion in our society. People use it for selling products, ideas and services. The success of verbal persuasion depends on the benefit you are getting from it. It is difficult for a common person to identify the genuineness of a person approaching you. But the person trying to trick you using whatever method he uses will be exposed sooner or later.

Covert hypnosis can be used to persuade a person to be in line with you. But when you use powerful tools like covert hypnosis to persuade others you should always be genuine. The intentions should be from the heart and pure for the long term success of persuasion.