Covert Hypnosis – How to Hypnotise Someone


Hypnosis is a state where the imaginary world gets so near to the real world; in the sense that you engage your emotions so much that you become completely unaware of the outside world. It can be used both as a form of therapy, especially to people who have gone through very traumatic events, but it can also be used as a form of relaxation. You are probably wondering if there is a simple guide on How To Hypnotise Someone; well, there are a few things you have to master before you can put someone into a hypnotised state.

For you to hypnotise someone, you must be able to reassure them that they will be fine and that there is no need to worry or panic. Fear is a major reason why people do not get hypnotised. You must make the person trust you for them to be able to move into a trance in your presence.

Before engaging anyone into hypnosis, for you to get good results, you must be able to demystify the process of hypnosis to the person it is intended for. A lot of people believe that if they get into the state of trance, and they stay in it for long, then they might not be able to come out of it. A lot of people who have never been hypnotised also think that to be hypnotised would make them gain some “spirit” form of power. This kind of thinking should be cleared by briefing the person that hypnosis is just a deeper form of relaxation.

For you to be able to understand How To Hypnotise Someone, then you must be able to understand the different modes of relaxation as this is the key to hypnosis – relaxation. Make the person lie down or have them seated in a comfortable position. After that, keep reminding them to take deep breaths as this has a soothing effect, and while talking to them ensure that you use a reassuring voice and make your voice soothing so that they are able to trust you.

How To Hypnotise Someone can be compared with childrearing: both of them require you to give positive reinforcement and to correct where necessary. For instance, if the person is breathing like you instructed, you can use words like: “Yes, continue…that is how you should breathe in.” If the person is going against the instructions, you should also be able to correct, but in a soothing voice so as not to scare them.

The fact that you are giving instructions does not mean that you go overboard and say things that are outside the human scope. Hypnosis is not magic and neither does it give people supernatural powers. You should always mention things that can be done in the ordinary life if you want to learn How To Hypnotise Someone. Telling them to imagine themselves in the moon or other out of reach places might not achieve very good results.

While doing the hypnosis, you should be very observant to note signs of relaxation so that you know how intense you should go. You should watch out for signs like slouched shoulders which indicate relaxation, the breathing pattern and the general facial expression. When you realise that the person is deeply relaxed, you can stop focusing on making their bodies relax and start on engaging their minds fully. For instance, you can tell them: “Now, imagine you are walking in a very beautiful field, there are flowers all over…” this imagination will calm both the body and the mind.