Covert Hypnosis Keys for Successful Conversation


The primary difference between indirect hypnosis and covert hypnosis is that the subject will not know that he is being hypnotised in covert hypnosis. This is done by drawing the subject into a natural conversation initially. Using conversation the hypnotist will collect necessary information about the client required for the success of hypnosis. So the conversation has an important role and hence has to be carefully planned.

How to Start a Conversation?

Three simple steps can be used to draw a majority of people into a conversation. The people will not hesitate to expose their mind in front of you if you follow the steps carefully.

  1. Prepare for the conversation yourself. Memorise the questions and statements to be used for the conversation. Your attitude to the subject is also important.
  2. Begin the conversation naturally using occasional compliments and pausing. The conversation must be initially on neutral topics.
  3. Always remember the following keys for the successful conversation.
    • Initiate the subject to, talk about him. Most people like it.
    • Keep Smiling and ask occasional questions to motivate.
    • Show deliberate attention to whatever the subject says.
    • Make them feel that you are an interesting person.
    • Show that you understand his problems and statements.

Now we can go into the details of the above-mentioned techniques.

Preparing Yourself

Preparation or planning is the critical aspect behind the success of conversation. Preparation will enable you to know in advance what you are going to say and do. This will give you a large amount of confidence. You should rehearse the questions and statements you are going to make before actually getting into a conversation. Using a script for this preparation will help you to get more familiar.

Start without Delay

Once you have practised the session and identified your subject, begin the conversation without any hesitation. If the client is not responding favourably try asking alternate questions that seem to create some interest in the subject. You should carefully observe the client to identify his interests. When the client starts to respond favourably, use sincere compliments to make his more attracted. Ask questions to give the opportunity for more talking. People are interested in talking about themselves, so slowly divert the topics of discussion in that way. You can also share your own information to get the trust of the subject. But don’t get drawn yourself spending more time on delivering your information. Your intention should be the collect information about the client.

Keys for Successful Conversation

Always motivate the subject to talk about them whenever you get a chance. Direct the subject by asking questions, giving compliments, smiling and showing great attention in a what they say. The more interest you show in what they say will create more interest in you. When the subject becomes interested in you, they will no longer hesitate to answer whatever question you ask to them. The interest you are showing is a signal for the subject for continuing his conversation. Most people fail in conversation due to lack of good attending skills.