Covert Hypnosis - Master the art of Story Telling


Story telling is very important in covert hypnosis since it has the ability to deliver your message and intentions into the mind of the subject in disguise. Story telling has got a powerful influence on the subject and should be done carefully and practised to perfection.

To master the art of story telling you to have to be careful in three aspects.

  1. Selection of the story
  2. Structuring the story
  3. Delivering the story

Organised multiple stories telling method is opted in covert hypnosis due to its ability to confuse the conscious mind and directly interact with the subconscious mind. OMS advises a standard set three stories.

Selection of the Story

The selection of the story can be from any area of interest from personal experience, others experience or fiction. The stories have to structured and memorised so that you can deliver it whenever needed. Choose your favourite stories since they can be easily memorised and delivered.

For example, consider the three following stories:

  1. Recent trip to Hollywood
  2. First year in college
  3. Old car you owned once

Structure of the Story

Select one keyword each from the stories for remembering the story. The keywords for the above stories can be:

  1. Hollywood
  2. College
  3. Car

Write down the highlights of each story adjacent to the keywords and keep in a place of easy reach so that you can take it at any time to refresh memory. The OMS technique begins with a story after sometimes shifts to another story and goes on to create confusion in the subconscious mind of the subject.

The point of shifting from one story to another is called transition. You should plan the point of transition and use phrases to let you naturally shift from one story to another.

Some examples of transition phrases are.

1. “There was a time when I …”

2. “I had a friend who always …”

3. “Without paying any close attention, suddenly I realized that…”

Delivering the Story

The tone and pace of telling the story is very important for delivering the story. Try to speak in a smooth and soothing way as if you are trying to put a baby to sleep. The story is told for a specific purpose. You wanted some results from the client and that is called outcome. This message on what you want from the client has to be included wisely in the OMS and delivered to the subject.

The outcome must be presented in a positive manner For example, don’t say, “I don’t want Sam to shout at me” instead say that positively, “Sam, please speak softly speak and politely”. The process of disguising the message like this is called encrypting.

You can encrypt a message in three steps.?


2.Inanimate Object

3.Removed Process

The example method uses the reference to another person instead of the actual. You may have to hide the actual aspect since the subject may not like so use examples. When the desire in the subject increase, transfer the actual message using encrypted instructions.

The inanimate technique delivers the message using metaphors. Instead of using a person as the example use a thing, people will feel it more natural than the example method.

The removed process technique will only describe the processes, manners and actions for attaining something. The things and people in the story have to be hidden or should not be given any importance.

The choice of words should be also done carefully to give maximum emotional impact to the subject. This will divert the concentration of the conscious mind to imagination and desire. Usage of word pictures are an effective method of story telling. Instead of telling just calculator, give a verbal description calculator mentioning its noticeable characteristics.

Exercises for Story Telling

1.Develop a story to make a friend accept anyone of your ideas.

2.Develop a story to persuade your associate to do something using inanimate object method.

3.Persuade you employer to make a purchase by constructing a story using the removed process technique.

4.Organize the above stories into OMS and deliver it to your friend.