Dangers of Hypnosis - 13 Side Effects & Common Myths


One of the things that might come to your mind when you hear about Hypnosis (mostly because of movies and comics) is that
"can it be dangerous"
"what could be the possible side effects of hypnosis."

In this section we will discuss dangerous of hypnosis, some common misconceptions and myths of hypnosis people used to believe and at the end, we will try to conclude the subject “is hypnosis dangerous” and find the controversial question"is hypnosis real" by participating in the debate with top renowned Hypnotists and people who claim hypnosis can be dangerous.

Myth No 1: Hypnotists can hypnotise you against your will and can make you do anything they want.

Reality: NO, no one can hypnotise you against your will and even when you are in a deeply hypnotised state, you are conscious enough to refuse anything you don’t want.

Myth No. 2: You will get trapped in hypnosis and can never come out of it even when you or your hypnotist wants.

Reality: There is not even a single case when a hypnotised person is unable to come out of hypnotised state.

In hypnotised state a person feels so relaxed and focused that sometimes it takes a little longer for a person to become fully conscious. This experience should not be confused with trapped like nonsense.

The worst thing that could happen is that a person wants to go to sleep just after therapy. These situations are often seen in the case of trauma patients.

Myth No. 3: Hypnotists can get you to reveal your ATM passwords or other important information.

Reality: No, Hypnotists does not have any super-powers so that they can read your thoughts as shown in X-Men Movies.

Hypnotists rely on the information you provide and even in the deeply hypnotised state you are conscious enough to judge what to reveal.

Myth No. 4: In hypnotised state people are unconscious of things happening to them or around them as they were in sleep

Reality: First thing Hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep. In hypnotised state an individual can hear everything and they are fully aware of their surroundings.

In hypnotised state people feel relaxed and their subconscious mind is in an overwhelming condition of receiving instructions and tend to follow them, a way opposite from what happens when a person fall asleep.

This confusion commonly arises because of the fact that hypnosis is derived from a Greek word “Hypno” which means sleep (even some newbie or fake hypnotists relate it with sleep) and movies have shown its practical application it to induce sleep.

Myth No. 5: People have no idea what’s happening to them while Hypnosis.

Reality: People are aware of their surroundings and can recall the Instructions used by hypnotists during the process.

Myth No. 6: A Watch (Clock) is required to induce hypnosis state.

Reality: There is no such thing (Apart from movies). Hypnotists never use watches to hypnotise people in any case.

To have a better understanding you may like to read methods of hypnosis to induce a deep trance

Myth No. 7: Hypnosis is so DANGEROUS that it can lead people to do immoral acts.

Reality: There is no such evidence ever found that prove hypnosis can lead to dangerous activities and unethical acts.

Myth No. 8: A person cannot lie if he is actually in a hypnotised condition.

Reality: Studies have shown people can lie or may misrepresent the situation.

Myth No. 9: Hypnosis can induce Super Powers.

Reality: Yes, sometimes individual is so motivated and focused that their actions can amaze people.

Myth No. 10: Hypnotism can make people walk on burning coals.

Reality: Anyone can walk on burning coals if walked quickly. Coals are bad conductors of heat.

Myth No. 11: Only a few Gullible or weak-minded people can be hypnotised?

Reality: There is no such thing. The study has shown a majority of people can be hypnotised to some level positively.

Answering to or admitting to Hypnotists instructions only suggests they are following the course well. Intact studies have mentally sound people gets hypnotised in lesser time in comparison probably because of absorbing instructions well.

Myth No. 12: Hypnosis is Only for Entertainment or amusement:

Reality: Stage shows and themes of hypnosis crafted in movies are pretty well amusing but hypnosis is not limited to movies.

Today hypnosis is very useful in the treatment of many medical conditions such as obesity and smoking.

Hypnosis is found very effective in stress management and to assist people in cases of anxiety and phobias.

Myth No. 13: Hypnosis can change a person to an animal or turn them to another person.

Reality: A human will always remain a human while hypnosis and after hypnosis.

However, hypnosis can be used to experience what it would be like to become another person. It would be just like a lifelike daydream and when you will come to the normal conscious state. You will have all the memories which you have experienced in hypnosis.

There is no such thing that you won’t turn back, it's completely safe.

Myth No. 14: Hypnosis will turn you gay.

Reality: There are studies which have shown that hypnotists can induce a temporary effect of change of personality while hypnosis but a person will get back to normal after hypnosis.

A person can experience how it feels to be gay in hypnotised state and come out of it safely with no permanent effects.

These type of inductions are not permanent and are completely safe.


  1. Movies and comics have completely misrepresented the theme of hypnosis. People are advised not to correlate the theme of actual of hypnosis with the theme represented in movies.
  2. Hypnosis is helping people to get rid of their bad habits from years successfully without any reported side effects.
  3. Hypnosis cannot be used to do some unethical things against your will.
  4. Despite the fact that hypnosis is derived from the word “Hypno” meaning sleep it has nothing to do with it.
  5. People are in state of subconscious and are fully aware of their surrounding while complete hypnosis process.
  6. Hypnosis can be used to improve personality and helps in getting rid of bad habits but it can’t change a person who they really are, like turning them gay.
  7. Hope this discussion have cleared some of your doubts and answered the dramatic question “Is hypnosis dangerous” for any assistance regarding some other Myths users can comment bellow.