Know About Necrophobia and How to Deal With It


Before I delve right into this topic with full gusto, I would like to throw a bit of light on this unusual topic first. What is Necrophobia?

Necrophobia is the abnormal fear of death, corpses and anything that’s directly related to death such as funeral equipments, funeral homes, a graveyard and other similar things.

Being in the funeral business for an extended period of my life, I have seen this phobia creating psychological issues in many of my clients and their families. So I decided to research a bit on this topic and hence, here this article.

In this article, I am going to discuss necrophobia in thorough detail and also throw light on the different ways to deal with such a problem. Let’s begin.

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    • How do you know whether you have got necrophobia or not?

      necrophobia or not

      The first step to finding out a solution is to know the problem well. If you have got this problem, you need to accept the fact that you have got it. Hence, you have to recognize the symptoms as soon as possible to confirm the fact whether you have got necrophobia or not.

      The symptoms are:

      1. Abnormal fear of your very own death for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
      2. Developing intense worry about others’ death (that might include pets as well).
      3. Developing unusual anxiety towards any discussion on subjects related to death such as coffins, graveyards, headstones, epitaph and so on.
      4. Avoiding funerals.
      5. Traumatic reaction to the portrayals of death in TV shows, movies, diagrams, books and so on.

      This might lead to:

      1. Shortness of breath.
      2. Asymmetrical heart beats.
      3. Dry mouth.
      4. The feeling that you can die on the very spot itself.
      5. Psychological instability.
      6. Extreme paranoia.
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      • Why do necrophobia occur?

        Just like any other phobia, the causes of necrophobia aren’t too clear from the scientific point of view on a case to case basis. But a general outline can be drawn. Here are a few:

        Traumatic childhood

        Any trauma in childhood that had a direct connection with death might result in causing necrophobia in the concerned individual.

        The trauma can occur as a result of the individual’s very own deeds or as a result of others but the point is both are capable enough to inculcate the feeling of necrophobia in the person.

        Too much exposure to fictitious violence in childhood

        Things like violent video games can do a child more harm than good you know, especially when s/he is in his/her childhood. Similarly, portrayals of intense violence in slasher movies can also do the same thing to the child. This can inculcate this phobia in kids which slowly grows over time.

        Any near-death experience

        The individual might have had a close encounter with death in the past and was successful in avoiding it narrowly. An experience like that can easily inculcate the fear of death in him/her which grows its wings over time.

        Ask yourself this question now: “Did you ever experience any of the three scenarios causes mentioned above? If you get the answer to that question, it might be possible for you to decipher the root of your phobia sooner rather than later.

        How do you deal with necrophobia?

        deal with necrophobia

        Do remember that you aren’t the only person in the world who’s suffering from this fear (in case you are certain that you DO have necrophobia). You aren’t alone and help is available. It is curable for sure.

        Here are a few ways through which you might be able to turn this problem into a part of your solution:


        Just accept the fact that you have the problem. And then always talk about your problem to your near and dear ones. Even small assurances can go a long way indeed.

        Cognitive behavioral therapy

        CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of medical psychological therapy that can definitely help in your circumstances in case the phobia’s gone over the roof.

        A CBT involves certain psychological experiences to alter the thinking patterns in an individual. It helps you know.


        Hypnosis is a very effective medical technique to cure phobias. If you make up your mind to sign yourself up for this treatment, just make sure you go to a trusted and certified psychotherapist for the entire session. Self hypnosis is definitely NOT recommended.

        Realize the fact that death, like birth is a very part of our life itself

        You have see death as a normal part of our life. Several books and TV shows can also help you realize that. Your psychologist will also make you understand the same through the sessions.

        Last but not the least, meditation

        Meditation can cure a host of psychological issues. The same thing can also play a major rule in curing necrophobia in concerned individuals. So what are you waiting for?

        Necrophobia is an issue that CAN be cured over time. So make sure you don’t lose hope on the way. A little bit of hope and desire can go a long way indeed.

        Tom Starke He is the head of Sales and Customer Relations. Bio, Has been in the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and Long Term Care Sales industry for over 20 years. Brought his experience and expertise to Mobi Medical in 2014 as VP of Sales and Customer relations..