What is NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programing


I asked that question when I was first introduced to it the about1 year ago by a friend.

At first, I didn’t think much of it. But after doing some research, I realised many successful people have been using NLP to achieve the results they wanted.

So, what is NLP and how can it benefit us?

As it turns out, NLP has many definitions, as many as the number of people practising it. Richard Bandler, who is one of the creators on NLP describes NLP as an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

The attitude in NLP is the attitude of curiosity. NLP was discovered by watching and observing experts doing what they did to achieve their desired results.

The curious attitude will ask, how they do that?

What’s going on in their head that’s getting them to produce the results over and over again?

To a lay person, the final results produced by the expert may look like magic. The fact is, any magical results that somebody produces have an underlying structure.

When we find out what that structure is, we can then make that replicable and achieve the same results ourselves. That was the whole idea that launched the concept of NLP.

Now, how can NLP benefit us?

Here’s an example. If you are in the sales profession, think of the most successful sales person in your team or company. How did he become successful in his job?

Have the curious attitude and ask why. Observe him every day. Notice his actions and attitude. You will start to see certain techniques and patterns.

The concept of NLP is to model the action of the successful sales person with the goal of achieving the same desired results for you.

Can it be really that simple?

Well, there are a lot of techniques involved in practising NLP. I will write about it in my future posts.