4 Simple Tests to Determine the Depth of Trance


How do you know when you have a good depth of trance state to work with? The best way to find out is to test your subjects with trance depth tests.

Hypnotherapists who have practised hypnosis for some time have an intuitive sense of the depth of the hypnotic trance their subjects are experiencing. However, for the people who have just embarked on the quest of mastering hypnosis, here are some hypnosis depth tests they can try on their subjects.

1. Balloons test

I would like you to imagine that you are holding on to 10 helium balloons … Each one a different beautiful bright colour … I want you to visualise letting go of one balloon at a time … Each balloon has a number from 1 to 10 … Number 10 being the most relaxed you have ever been and number 1 being the least relaxed you have ever been … Now I want you to let go of one balloon at a time … stop at the number that best shows how relaxed you are right now … Continuing to relax … tell me what number you are relaxed at between 1 and 10?

2. Clock test

I would like you to now imagine you’re standing in front of a large clock about the same height as you. A wide sturdy clock showing the numbers 1 through 12 in large bold lettering. Imagine that the symbol for 1 o’clock represents the least relaxed you can be … as if you are totally awake and alert to your surroundings … and 12 o’clock represents the deepest that you could be relaxed.

In between, you see the numbers on the clock representing different levels of relaxation … and I would like to ask you to imagine you are positioning the large hand of the clock on the number that represents the level of relaxation you are feeling right now. Please take a moment to consider where you feel you may be and imagine you are placing the hand on the number representing your current relaxed state …

Tell me now, which number on the clock have you selected?

3. Finger Counting test

Now keeping your eyes closed … Relax. I want you to imagine that you are holding your hands out in front of you. Your hands represent the numbers 1 through 10.

Imagine that the number 1 is the least relaxed you could be … as if you were wide awake … and the number 10 is the deepest you could be relaxed. The numbers between 1 and 10 represent all the varying degrees of relaxation that you could be experiencing. One of these numbers represents exactly how relaxed you feel right now.

I want you to think about these numbers and exactly how relaxed you feel. In just a moment I will ask you to tell me which number represents how relaxed you feel … So now, remaining completely relaxed … Tell me which number are you relaxed at right now?

4. Magnetic Shoe test

I would like you to use your imagination now. I want you to imagine that your (Right or Left) shoe is made out of metal and I am holding a very powerful magnet in my hand. As I pass the industrial strength magnet above your (Right/Left) shoe, you can feel the magnet pulling your foot up.

You start to feel your foot rise. Up, Up, Up. Feel the magnet pulling at your shoe. Your foot is rising off the floor. Your shoe feels lighter as it goes up into the air. Allow your foot to rise … Higher and higher in the air … The magnet is so strong, your foot is going straight up into the air.

Now on the count of five I am going to gently touch the toe of your shoe and as soon as I do, the magnetic will be gone and your foot will drop back to the floor with great force.

You will then go into a deeply relaxed state of mind, even more, relaxed than you are right now. One… Two… Three… Four… and Five (touch shoe) Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper… Relax… Relax.