Dermal Fillers and Its Types (A Complete Guide)


Dermal fillers are common in cosmetic industry to restore plumpness around the mouth and lips. They’re also known to reduce visible fine lines, acne and other scars in a natural-looking way. Along with the types, the cost as well as effectiveness of the fillers varieswidely.

Fillers in Dubai and almost everywhere around the world are injected into the skin by a professional doctor to ensure effective results and minimal recovery time. Over the years, these dermal fillers become prominent due to broad range of products, effective and pocket-friendly alternative to a full-scale cosmetic surgery.

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    • Let’s have a look at the Different Types for Clarification

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      • Juvederm

        Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid; a natural substance present in the body to keep the skin maintained, hydrated, cushioned and lubricated. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture by absorbing more than a thousand times its weight compared to water. It also binds elastin and collagens, transports vital nutrients to the fibres supporting the skin structure.


        Also a compound of hyaluronic acid; Restylane is mostly used to even out moderate wrinkles and fine lines in a safe way other than the typical contour and lift surgical procedure.Restylane is used alongside Botox to increase effectiveness and longevity of the results.


        Almost identical to Restylane except for the gel particles that are larger, Perlane is therefore more effective in cushioning deeper skin folds and achieve better facial fullness. The compound is also use to augment lips and other areas of the face, restoring a youthful volume.


        Radiesse is a composition of calcium-based microspheres appended in a water-based gel. It’s known for immediate and extended results due to prompt collagen production and tissue regeneration. Radiesse smoothen nasolabial folds and marionette lines, crucial for enhancing cheek and plumping saggy eyes.


        The first and only one non-absorbing dermal filler to get FDA’s approval is Artefill. It stands out from the rest of the fillers in Dubai due to permanent results and support of skin structure for wrinkle correction nearly 99 percent.

        Artefill is prepared through Polymethylmetacrylate microspheres (PMMA) which is a material used widely in surgical implants.

        Since the substance is non-natural, there’s a slight possibility of allergic reaction,physiciansusually divide the filler treatment in various sessions to see the results and mitigate chances of any side effects. Full results are visible following six months of the procedure.


        The treatment of facial lipoatrophy through fillers is known as Sculptra. The procedure compensates to the loss of fat beneath the skin that causes sunken cheeks, flushed eyes and pockmarks. Poly-L-Lactic Acid is the primary compound if Sculptra which is a bio-compatible matter and harmless to the surrounding tissues. The results appear over a period of monthly follow-up treatment and lasts usually for more than two years.

        Autologous fat

        The fat harvested from one’s own body is referred to as autologous fat that typically eliminates the risk of allergic reaction or body refusal. Final results however aren’t always satisfactory and may fade over time asking you to repeat the procedure.


        Given above are common types of dermal fillers in Dubai and across the global cosmetic industry.

        Author bio: This article is written by Asghar Paracha on fillers topic. Asghar Paracha is an online freelance content writer and a digital marketing expert. He loves to write on Health related issues.