Earlier Memories (Age) and Past Life Regression


I am sure you are familiar with the saying "If we do not remember our history and it's mistakes we are condemned to repeat them."

It is true that whatever problems and trouble you have, the skills and knowledge you possess, and the person you are now most definitely have their roots in your past.

In age regression, the hypnotist will bring you back to in time to a specific time in your life, for example to pre-school or first grade.

The hypnotherapists use of this suggestion will trigger you to regress to this point in your life and you will seem to be living out significant incidents which took place during this time.

Seeing as you are re-living your past you will begin to think, talk, and act as if you were truly at this age, and time in your life. You and your hypnotist can then determine whether an incident during this period is the root cause of the problem or condition you are experiencing in the present time.

Through the use of age regression hypnosis and reliving your past you may be able to uncover some vital information which you have suppressed, perhaps allowing you to better deal with the present.

Let us take the theory a step further. There have been claims that regression can be taken deeper, much deeper, as far back as that the subject experiences there life when they were still in their mother's womb.

Scientists are highly sceptical of this claim as they say that the brain has not developed sufficiently to retain memories or have highly organised cognizant thought. And even more controversial and contentious, especially as this is getting into religion is past life regression. Although greeted with scepticism and ridicule, there have been thousands of documented cases of people going back and experiencing past lives.

These people are convinced that they found accurate, incontrovertible connections between their past and present lives.

As is the case in age regression, it is thought that finding out about what you were and what occurred in your past life may allow you to understand the root cause of the problem you are experiencing in the present and thus be able to cure it.

An example would be someone who is terrified of heights discovers that they fell to their death in a past life.

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