10 Tips For Effective Self Hypnosis


As you may have discovered learning self hypnosis can be a skill for life. It’s amazing how much you can gain through this easy practice. Even the feelings of relaxation and calmness can be benefit enough for most people. If you practise self hypnosis and want to make the most of your time, here are some tips to help you:-

1) Practice Makes Perfect

Like any life skill, your ability will increase and improve the more you practice. Don’t expect to get it right the first time but know that self hypnosis is easy to learn and you will become better at it.

2) Be Patient

Relaxation is not about rushing to do anything. Just take your time and before you know it you will have reached a nice calm and relaxed state.

3) Regular Practice

If you practise self hypnosis sporadically you will not enjoy as good a results as if you do it regularly.

4) The Right environment

People practice self hypnosis in many places including trains, tubes, buses and in the office. However to start off with it can be a good idea to practise self hypnosis in the comfort and safety of your home.

5) Set the scene

Although you can enjoy self hypnosis in any environment, you can help yourself to reach deeper levels of relaxation by setting the scene. This means making sure no one will disturb and that telephones are switched to silent and any other potential disruptions are managed.

6) Settle yourself

Find a comfortable position and make sure you are warm enough. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxation you will enjoy.

7) Accept whatever you get

Some self hypnosis sessions will seem very deep and relaxed and other ones will seem light and shallow. This is fine, just accept it.

8) Busy Mind- Still Mind

Sometimes your mind will seem tranquil and it will wander off and daydream. Another time you may have a persistent thought or idea. These are normal experiences and it is best to treat them so.

9) Set A Time Limit

It can be helpful to have in mind a duration for your self hypnosis. This means you are more likely to emerge from hypnosis and then get on with what you need to do next. When you don’t have a set duration in mind you may drift into sleep which is okay as long as you hadn’t planned to do something after your self hypnosis

10) Vary Self Hypnosis Durations

Whilst it is a good idea to make a habit of the duration of your self hypnosis particularly when you are a beginner, you can also decide to have shorter times and longer times according to your needs and circumstances.

You can learn self hypnosis via a book, recording (tape, CDs, mp3 downloads) online and distance learning or attend a self hypnosis course run by hypnosis schools or workshops offered by hypnotherapists.

Self hypnosis is a wonderful state of mind to enjoy. It’s a great way of destressing the day's events and feeling more relaxed and in control. The world can seem like a lot easier place to cope with when you feel calm and relaxed