All About Erotic Hypnosis


Erotic hypnosis is a very powerful thing to deal with, but it is also a slightly taboo subject that is relatively new in practice, and can be somewhat complicated without the proper knowledge. It is important to know the basics and general information about erotic hypnosis before investing and participating in erotic hypnosis or hypnopoetics, a popular branch of erotic hypnosis. Things like what erotic hypnosis is, what it feels like for both parties, how it works, and whether it is difficult to learn or use are very important components to know.

What is it?

Basically, erotic hypnosis is the process of putting a partner, significant other or spouse in a hypnotic trance to increase sexual pleasure. The hypnosis does not take away from feelings. In fact, erotic hypnosis is known to increase sexual pleasure by heightening the person’s senses and feelings, as well as increasing pliability and the tendency to want to please. It is important to remember that erotic hypnosis is not trickery – scientific studies have proven the heightened senses and obedience in those who are in even a minor hypnotic trance.

What does it feel like?

This is probably one of the biggest questions asked by those who are thinking of using hypnopoetics and erotic hypnosis and those who are thinking of letting themselves be hypnotized. For the person doing the commanding, a tremendous sense of power and arousal is often reported due to the intimacy of the situation and the ability to suggest exactly what you want to your partner. For the person who is being hypnotized via erotic hypnosis, it has been described often as a type of high, or very vivid and clear dream, during which you can tell very well that you are in a trance and that you are being commanded and following along as if you were not in control. This can seem scary, but is also often describe as intense and pleasurable, since the senses and pleasure is heightened.

How does it work?

Erotic hypnosis works like other forms of hypnosis, minus the gold watch and the comic aftermath that is seen on television. It is more similar to the type of hypnosis used by therapists for their patients. It is not completely certain how hypnosis works, though the number of working theories on the subject are numerous and very informative. Truthfully, however, it is not known for sure. We simply don’t know enough about the brain and its workings to know.

Is it hard?

Those who are truly interested in erotic hypnosis, or even those who are only mildly interested, often wonder what specific skills or abilities they will need to participate in it. One of the beautiful things about erotic hypnosis is that it requires very little training or education. Often with one or two books and a little practice a couple can put each other into a deep trance that will bring about leaps and bounds for the sexual pleasure of both of them. Basically all it will take is practice and communication skills.

The Basics of Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis is a relatively new form of eroticism that is commonly used to provide steam, intimacy and fun in the bedroom for thousands of couples who have tried and loved it. It may sound odd, but knowing as much as you can about what erotic hypnosis is all about you can more effectively make a choice on whether you want to participate in it with your significant other. The historical perspective of erotic hypnosis, as well as the products/tools and people who participate in it are all important to know.


The concept of erotic hypnosis is by no means a modern one. In fact, erotic hypnosis is very much a historic idea, though it is an idea of mostly myth and legend from a historical perspective. For example, in Homer’s Odyssey there are mythical creatures called Sirens who lure sailors to them with their sensual singing voices, only to let them drown once they have arrived. In the Middle Ages, witches were also known to have mind control powers through their womanly ways, another hint of erotic hypnosis. Incubi and Succubi are more examples of historical erotic hypnosis. Incubi (male) and succubi (female) were people who came to the opposite sex (for succubi it was often male monks) and laid on them, controlling their mind in order to have sex with them. Wet dreams, sleep paralysis and even morning erections used to be explained by these characters, or forms of erotic hypnosis.


There are several products and tools as well as techniques that are used to accomplish erotic hypnosis. Hypnosis isn’t about gold watches and the shrink’s couch anymore, so it’s important not to think of erotic hypnosis as little more than a sideshow trick, when it is actually much more than that. For those who use hypnosis for erotic purposes, love poems or seductive poetry, as well as erotic hypnosis CDs may be used to get you or your partner into a hypnotic and therefore very suggestible state. Books and pamphlets that teach you how to perform erotic hypnosis on a partner are also very popular, as well as a variety of sex toys to be used during the fun if you so choose.


So what kinds of people use erotic hypnosis? The truth is, people who use erotic hypnosis are people just like you. Couples with a clear dominant/submissive type of sex life often find great pleasure in erotic hypnosis because it allows the hypnotized partner to be more suggestible and pliable for sexual fun and pleasure. It also allows some couples to feel much closer to each other because one partner can feel the other controlling their actions and mind and the other partner can feel very powerful and special to be given this control. For those who like to role play with their partner, erotic hypnosis is especially sensual because it allows one partner to take on a completely different personality if desired for extreme and very convincing role play, even if the person does not usually carry this type of personality traits.

Erotic Hypnosis and Women

For women, it is often very difficult to overcome inhibitions and problems in the bedroom in their sex lives. Often women go from man to man, all the while knowing on some deeper level that she is the problem in her sex life and not the multiple men. She is not satisfied and she wants more out of her sex life, but she does not know what to do. Erotic hypnosis is designed and is a perfect match for women like this. There are several ways erotic hypnosis can help women, including lowering inhibitions, increasing libido, increasing self confidence, and even making your breasts bigger.

Lowering Inhibitions

Erotic hypnosis is very frequently known to lower a woman’s inhibitions about certain sex acts, habits, or even positions. While under the influence of erotic hypnosis, the woman has suggestions put into her subconscious mind that suggest she lower her inhibitions and be more open to different positions, sex acts like fellatio, and sexual habits like being more submissive or dominant, depending on what she needs. It is often necessary to know one’s own downfalls to be able to correct them, and that is important to remember.

Increasing Libido

Women often have problems with becoming aroused for their partner without a long time devoted to foreplay and intimacy exercises like cuddling and talking. Erotic hypnosis is very good for this too because it can arouse a woman and suggest to her that she become aroused this often every time. This increases the woman’s general feeling of being desirable and ready for sex whenever her partner is, making sex easier and quickies even easier to accomplish than ever. This general lift of libido helps the woman’s sex life become very satisfying and relieving stress about low libido.

Increasing Self Confidence

When a woman feels sexually satisfied and wanted in the bedroom with her partner, this confidence and satisfaction often comes into every other part of her life as well. A fuller, happier sex life can make a woman become more confident in herself and raise her self esteem, in turn making her more successful in other parts of her life, like her career and family.

Bigger Breasts

It may seem unlikely, but erotic hypnosis is actually known to make a woman’s breasts bigger while fulfilling her sexual needs and desires. Among the erotic suggestions that are given to the woman, the voice may tell the woman that she feels her breasts growing larger and fuller. This is just another added bonus to erotic hypnosis. Studies have shown it is true, though not completely conclusive.

Erotic Hypnosis – Uses for Fun

Erotic hypnosis is the process of putting a partner in a hypnotic trance to enhance the senses and intensify pleasure during sex. Many people do not think that they are the type of person to use erotic hypnosis in their sex life, but these people are often mistaken. The truth is that average people with average fantasies and desires use erotic hypnosis every day to achieve the satisfaction they crave from their sex lives. There are a few specific uses for erotic hypnosis that you should know about, uses for which erotic hypnosis is very effective and fun.

Dominant vs. Submissive Fun

For those who have a relationship where the sex life is often a dominant/submissive style of love making, erotic hypnosis is a good choice to spice things up. Being put in a hypnotic trance through the use of the voice or hypnopoetics – hypnotic poems – is the ultimate form of submission, and putting someone in a trance and having such control over the person, especially on a sexual level, is a very erotic form of dominance. For people who want that type of total dominance or submissiveness, erotic hypnosis is not only fun, but extremely pleasurable for the couple. Dominant and submissive love play is often limited by how well the submissive partner responds or how harsh/commanding the dominant one is. Erotic hypnosis takes the pressure off both partners, leaving only fun and pleasure behind.


The level of intimacy required to participate in and perform erotic hypnosis is very high and can be an exhilarating experience for a couple who is having intimacy trouble in their lives. Having control over a person’s mind and senses is one of the most powerful and intimate ways one person could ever have control over another person with, making it extremely erotic and intimate for the hypnotizer. For the partner being hypnotized, it has been described as a very clear and vivid dream, during which you can tell what is happening and who is controlling you, making it a very intimate experience to give the other person that type of control and erotic power over you. Erotic hypnosis is perfect for the couple that needs a little more intimacy and a little less of going through the motions in their lives.

Role Playing

Role playing is a common sexual game or fantasy in which one or both partners pretend to be someone else, perhaps only in personality but sometimes in looks as well. Role playing with the use of erotic hypnosis, however, can be even more fun and convincing for both partners. This is because with the use of erotic hypnosis or hypnopoetics, the person who is being hypnotized can undergo a more complete change of personality than if the person were simply pretending. With erotic hypnosis, the person who is doing the controlling can instruct the hypnotized person to completely transform his or her personality, making the role playing more exciting, convincing and fun for both of you, as the person who is hypnotized can still feel and experience everything.

Erotic Hypnosis – How You Can Try It With Your Partner!

We all know that there are ton of different hypnosis techniques in the world right now and everyone uses them. Whether it is your doctor, your psychologist or even just your partner, there are forms of hypnosis that help us live our everyday lives. Did you know that there are hypnosis techniques that actually can help your sex life too? In this article, we are going to explore exactly what erotic hypnosis is so that you will be able to explore your sexual side with your partner in a completely new way!

So what exactly is erotic hypnosis? Believe it or not, a lot of people have no idea what this form of hypnosis is and how it can help benefit you and your partner. One of the first things that erotic hypnosis does is actually help you and your partner live out a lot of your sexual fantasies, which is exactly why a lot of people explore these hypnosis techniques quite often. Below, we are going to go into detail about erotic hypnosis so that you know what you may be getting yourself into.

There are many different hypnosis techniques that can be used when you are attempting to do erotic hypnosis but you always want to ensure that your research is done before you commit to this particular form of hypnosis. It is a power form and one that should be used only with someone that you trust a lot.

One of the first hypnosis techniques that you are going to learn is your voice. You will need to make sure that you are using the ‘bedroom sexy’ tone, for that is all your partner is going to hear. The tone of your voice in the erotic hypnosis world is going to be your gateway and certainly the way to get your partner aroused, which is, after all the entire point of hypnosis that is erotic.

The second hypnosis techniques that you are going to put to good use is the words that you use. The words that you choose to use are very important for you want to lead your partner on a little bit with all of the words. You also want to make sure that you leave a little bit of mystery there too, for your partner should not have all of the pieces of the puzzle right away, you want them to guess a little bit too.

Erotic Hypnosis – An Introduction To This Amazing Secret

Hypnosis is something that has been used for years, decades, centuries without anyone ever having a handle on the hypnosis techniques used or even how to hypnotize someone correctly. Erotic hypnosis is something that has been around for quite a while as well, but believe it or not, a lot of people have no idea how to use hypnosis techniques in an erotic way. That is what this article will teach you, for we are going to go over some of the most popular and most useful erotic hypnosis techniques out there!

First question is what is erotic hypnosis? This is a common question that many people ask when they are first faced with these hypnosis techniques for the first time. Erotic hypnosis is an expression of ones self, it will place you or even your partner under a trance and will allow you to play out the most erotic scenes. It will give you the freedom to be yourself and overall, will allow you to let go a little bit. This is one of the major reasons why erotic hypnosis is so popular. Below, we are going to talk about some hypnosis techniques that will get you started in the right direction.

Research will be your friend whenever you are dealing with erotic hypnosis for you want to ensure that you know exactly what you are doing before you start doing it. Using these hypnosis techniques is no joke and you will want to make sure that you understand hypnosis that is erotic fully before you start to practice it.

The tone that you are using is certainly the most important hypnosis techniques that you can learn. After all, your voice is going to be the only thing that your partner hears and you want to ensure that you have the ability to paint that picture for them and the ability to arouse them with just the sound of your voice.

Finally, you want to use words that are sexy and leave quite a bit of mystery, that way it gets your partner thinking. You do not want to control the entire situation, for that is not what hypnosis that is erotic is all about, however you do want to push your partner in the right direction of thinking. This is where your word choice is going to come into play. Make sure that you think about what you want to say before you say it.

Erotic Hypnosis Leads to Improved Sexual Performance without Drugs

Contrary to popular believe erotic hypnosis is not a dirty or deviant concept. It is a safe, chemical free way to aid in overcoming issues that may be getting in the way of an individual’s ability to become sexually aroused or to enjoy sexual activity. It is not uncommon for stress, health factors, or other issues to cause a singular incident in which a person cannot perform; however, the embarrassment that may be wrapped up in such an incident can lead to long term anxiety and fear, impeding the individual’s ability to perform at all. Hypnotism is a safe alternative to the many creams and medications on the market.

Objectives for Treatment

The therapist and patient will decide together what objectives will be set for the erotic hypnosis sessions. Obviously, there is a reason the patient came to the therapist, and this is often an ability to become sexually aroused or an inability to maintain arousal long enough to complete or enjoy the act. Barring any medical or physical reason for this, hypnosis has a high probability of being successful. The therapist will lead the patient into a hypnotic state in which the brain becomes vulnerable and suggestible. At this point, the therapist will plant strategies for overcoming the anxiety, fear, or feelings of inferiority that may be causing the problem.

More Reasons for Hypnosis

Sexual dysfunction is not the only reason to pursue erotic hypnosis as a treatment. When a couple reaches the conclusion that their sexual relations are unsatisfying, and that it is possibly caused by the anxiety or inhibitions of one of the partners, they may seek help from a hypnotist. Hypnosis can be used to encourage role playing during sex, making the introvert into the aggressor. The roles of the whore and the stripper are popular themes. If you are considering this, be sure to consult your sexual partner before seeking treatment.

Self Hypnosis

The planted thoughts and strategies in a patient’s brain will eventually lose their power, as the stress and activity of life pushes back in. For this reason, your therapist will likely help you develop some self hypnosis techniques you can use between appointments. This could be in the form of hypnosis tapes that the therapist makes for the patient to listen to between appointments, or it could be relaxation training that will allow the patient to hypnotize himself and reinforce the thoughts and ideas of the original hypnosis.

Other Uses for Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for years to help alter all kinds of behaviors. Erotic hypnosis is just one successful hypnosis practice available. Patients have been coming to hypnotists for years to quit smoking, lose weight, and control morning sickness. The hypnotist is able to plant new response to stimuli that once led to the unwanted behaviors.