Examples of Hypnosis in Everyday Life


If you have always been curious about hypnosis and wondering if it is a good idea for you to learn hypnosis, here’s what you should know – hypnosis is way more common that you’d have thought. In a typical day in your life, you’re subjected to a variety of hypnosis.

You may not have noticed this, but advertisers, salespeople, and marketers use hypnosis to manipulate you to buy their products. Of Hypnosis is everywhere, it’s present in TV commercials, ads on the internet, on billboards, and on ads in the print media. But it’s done very subtly, so much so that nobody really notices these things except trained experts. You will begin to understand these things better, once you learn hypnosis.

Hypnosis used in advertising and marketing is often referred to as subliminal advertizing. Subliminal messages are all around us. The conscious mind may not recognize or understand these messages, but it does get deeply influenced by them. Subliminal advertising is a big thing among advertisers, almost a Holy Grail for them, and they are very much convinced that it works. Almost everyone in business is engaged in a battle for the control of your mind. Does that shock you?

Well, most advertizing forms have been hiring hypnotists and psychologists to help them with their campaigns since the 1950s. How effective their ads are often depends on the time frame of these ads.

So, How is Hypnosis used in Advertising and Marketing?

It’s hard to hypnotize someone into buying a product with just a single 30-second ad. Real hypnosis takes way longer than that. However, it is certainly possible to get people to buy a product by subjecting the same compelling 30-second ad on them, several days in succession. Because of repeated viewing of an ad, it is possible that subconsciously, you may be willing to act upon the directives given by it, and make the purchase. Clearly, advertisers and marketers make it a point to learn hypnosis as well as human psychology.

Why Advertisers Focus On Beauty and Perfection…

Beauty and the idea of perfection is perhaps the most common hypnosis technique used by advertisers. Because of the advances in technology, advertisers can use digital editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and other techniques to airbrush an image, make a celebrity or a model advertizing a product look even more perfect than she is, forming a subliminal association of beauty and perfection with a particular product. The effect is very much hypnotic.

When people are subjected to this messaging day after day, the subliminal messaging succeeds and yes, a sale is made, more often than not. The same technique is used by the Beauty industry or the Fashion industry, that use subliminal advertising by associating their products with picture perfect celebrities.

How Hollywood Uses Hypnosis..

Hollywood has been using hypnosis and mind control techniques for decades to ensure box office success for major blockbusters. Hollywood has been sending subliminal messages through its movies since Gone with the Wind was made; but it requires a great deal of talent as well to pull it off successfully, without looking ridiculous.

James Cameron’s Avatar used so many hypnosis techniques that the producers weren’t even subtle about it. Christopher Nolan is another famous Hollywood director who uses hypnosis in his movies quite liberally, as anyone who has seen Inception (2010) and Intersteller (2014) would attest to. True, they were all terrific movies, but the use of hypnosis in them cannot be denied.

Subliminal Messages Sent By the Weight Loss Industry

The weight loss industry is worth $62 billion in the United States and it has been sending subliminal messages about body shape for decades, creating a desire among people to buy a new weight loss product or try a new diet to get the perfect body shape achieved by the models in the various advertisements.


You’ll identify many more such techniques used by advertisers, media, Hollywood and even politicians, to catch the public’s attention, as you learn hypnosis and find out how it works. When it comes to advertizing or marketing, it helps to be completely aware of what’s going on and why certain things are being done, so that you’ll be better empowered to make the right decision as a customer.