Feel United in body, Mind, and Spirit with Your Beloved One with Yoga


In the wake of Valentine’s Day, wondering what yoga has in store for you this golden season of love? Browse through the vast curriculum of yoga training and retreat options and all that these programs entail and you will know the central idea of it all is love and nothing but love. From strengthening yogasana lessons, meditation, and “breath” exercises to philosophy classes going deep into the notion of universal love and forbearance, yoga is nothing but a message to feel union in body, mind, and spirits. To nurture your finer sensations of love and fortify the roots of your relationship, go off on a yoga break with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Here is how you will find love at a yoga teacher training program in India:

Understand the Core Philosophy of Universal Love

A whole new horizon of love will open up before you at a traditional yoga training program in India. The esteemed teachers in the birth-land of this ancient art preach its core philosophy through a lifestyle revolving around love. Selfless service to humanity throughkarma-yoga, espousal of non-violence by following vegetarianism, and observing a simple and austere life as opposed to luxury are all characteristics of a yoga training program in India.

To engage in this discipline with the chosen one will take you closer to each other spiritually. This is a calling for two people on a soulful journey, sharing and growing together. A “yoga teacher training”, in addition to personal growth will also open up career options for both to work in collaboration as yoga teachers!

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    • Connecting Breath and Coordinating Movements

      A yoga training course can be a great opportunity for couples to connect through different frequencies. “Breath” considered a vital element in the art of yoga is reflective of life force. To regularize breath with movement and synchronizing this with your partner could be like a dance of tango, extremely sensual and uplifting at the same time. Your yoga coach at a teacher training course can guide you through this experience and bring your journey of love to a climax.

      To feel a spiritual oneness between two souls engaged in yogic activity is the zenith. Connections can never be stronger.

      Exploring Exotic Lands Together

      To journey to India together in search of love and yoga can give your life a new dimension. The exotic locales of the Indian subcontinent are full of wonders and pockets of bliss. In the northern stretches, you will find the yoga hub of the world capital of yoga, Rishikesh. Spread across the banks of the Ganga, overlooking the rolling green hills, this town is always teeming with great vibes.

      This Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be amazing to steal those sweet kisses from your beloved in such a mesmerizing land, in between yoga sessions to deepen your connection of love and union?

      Amplifying Sensations and Focus

      No individual of passion is unaware of the spellbinding energy yoga is known to produce in matters of lovemaking. Continuous practice of yoga helps one gain more presence of mind which results into heightened sensations. The more one is able to focus on fleeting moments of companionship with the beloved, be it physical union or conversation, the more will the relationship be strengthened.

      Yoga can be the path to sensuality and salvation. Join your partner in this splendid journey to make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

      Author bio: Manmohan Singh is a yoga enthusiast himself, freelance writer. He loves travelling and believes that ‘knowledge shared is knowledge gained.’ This concept inspired him to set up his own yoga institute in Rishikesh,India and other countries to spread the message of yogic sciences. His Yoga school (Rishikul Yogshala) imparts teachings on Yoga and Meditation under guided instructions of traditional yoga teachers. Interact with him through his website: https://www.rishikulyogshala.org and http://yogadealsonline.com/