Feminization Hypnosis - Male to Female Hypnotherapy Methods

feminization feminine hypnosis

Feminine hypnosis or feminization hypnosis is a very interesting subject.

It is usually linked to crossdressers or transgender individuals and talks about connecting with the female parts of themselves.


Do You Want to Feel More Feminine?

Feminine hypnosis is just a way to reach out to the inner woman that lives in all of us.

Regardless if we are male or female, we consist of both male and equal parts. For those who may be born male, or have a stronger male side in them, it can be easy to lose touch of the feminine.

Feminization hypnosis is a way to connect to your feminine self without necessarily undergoing drastic physical changes.

When undergoing the process, the mind can be trained to feel and behave in a more feminine manner. While staying male on the outside, it is still possible to become every inch of a woman deep inside.

Benefits of Feminization Hypnosis

Many males and transgender individuals are choosing to look into the whole process of feminine hypnotherapy. They feel like they have a lot to gain from the experience. According to those who have undergone it, there are plenty of benefits. Below are just a few examples:

  1. It is great for reformatting the male mind to become more female.
  2. It is possible to undergo feminine hypnosis by using self-hypnosis methods.
  3. The person can control the time in which he wishes to be feminised. Also, he can take charge of the time that he will be under the hypnotic trance.
  4. Feminine hypnosis does not have to be a public thing. You can do it without the knowledge of other people.
  5. The process allows one to feel at ease with feelings and emotions that are considered to be more feminine.
  6. The effects of the hypnosis can be turned off should you not want them anymore.
  7. The process is a cost effective way to truly feel like a woman without having to resort to pills, medication, surgical procedures, and even cross-dressing. Those that believe in the power of feminine hypnosis say that the essence of a true woman comes from within, and not from how you look.

General Methods & Steps of Feminine Hypnotherapy

If you’ve always wanted to try the feminization hypnotherapy, here are the first steps to get you started:

  1. Learn to relax- For the process to work, the “patient” needs to relax. He must reach a receptive state of awareness without any struggle. When he gets to this stage, he is ready to accept suggestions and affirmations regarding his femininity.
  2. Freeing oneself from fears and blocks- It is said that the male conscience is not natural. It is supposed to consist of numerous fears and blocks that may serve as barriers from connecting into freedom. If you’ve spent years suppressing everything feminine, then it is not unusual for this side to have shrunken. This step tries to take the barriers away.
  3. The Feminization Desire- after you’ve cleaned up the junk, it is time to realise your true desire of feminization. This step will help you, especially if you encounter anti-feminization feelings along the way.
  4. Learning the “how to”- Females have certain ways of doing things that come naturally for them, such as the swaying of the hips. In this step, you will be learning those natural feminine ways.
  5. Past feminization- You need to look into things that have happened in your life so you can successfully move forward. Perhaps in the past, you may have had some instances of feminization. This step allows you to realise that, so you can nurture that and carry it with you in the future.
  6. Switching over- this is a major step, as this is when you make the big leap from male to female.
  7. Resolving conscience issues- Your conscience may try to fight your switch over. This last step focuses on the reconciliation between your male conscience and your now female conscience.

Become More Feminine Today

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