Foods That Cause Miscarriage (Precaution)


You are going to be a mother soon! That’s a marvelous feeling for a woman. On the other hand, the pregnancy journey isn’t simple; you have to be very careful while you are going through this path.

During pregnancy, every woman needs a healthy diet for a healthy little kid and smooth delivery. But some foods cause miscarriage during pregnancy. Though those foods are healthy, those foods are strongly forbidden in this crucial time.

Miscarriage is a common problem, especially in the first trimester. Nobody wants this type of unusual accidents. Today I am going to give a list that you need to avoid during your pregnancy journey.

Say No to Pineapple

During the first trimester, raw pineapple or pineapple juice is strongly prohibited as it has Bromelain. Bromelain causes the contraction to a pregnant woman that can cause miscarriage. Forget about this fruit during pregnancy.

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    • Say No To Green Papaya

      Papaya contains enzymes that can cause the uterine contraction to pregnant women resulting miscarriage. Green papaya though nutritious but during pregnancy, it is extremely dangerous. Avoid eating the salad of green papaya or dishes made with it!

      Say No to Liver

      Some of you may love dishes made with animal liver such as haggis, sausage, liver pate and so many. It’s time to say no to your favorite food that contains animal liver. The animal liver has a significant amount of Vitamin A and cholesterol. Extreme amount of Vitamin A can distress the fetus and cause several troubles such as hydrocephalus, urinary tract malformations, and spina bifida in babies and miscarriage.

      Say No to Soft Cheese

      All kind of soft Cheese such as Brie, Gorgonzola, Feta and Roquefort can contain Listeria Bacteria which can cause Listeriosis. The bacterial infection namely Listeriosis isn’t a big deal while you are not pregnant. But during pregnancy Listeriosis can be the reason of serious complications including miscarriage. For a safe and secure pregnancy journey say no to cheese.

      Say No to Sprouted Potato

      Grown Potato includes a toxin identified as solanine which isn’t good for health. Solanine can influence the fetal development and ultimately lead to miscarriage. This poison is dangerous not only for pregnant women but also for everyone. So avoid this food during pregnancy is a must.

      Say No to Sea Food That Contain Mercury

      Seafood that includes a high level of mercury can cause development delays and brain damage in fetuses. Pregnant women must avoid seafood with the significant amount of mercury such as swordfish, shark, crab, king mackerel, tilefish and so many. However, canned, chunk light tuna contain a little amount of mercury still they need to be avoided because why take any risk during pregnancy!

      Say No to Unpasteurized Milk

      Unpasteurized milk contains a bacteria namely Listeria which can cause bacterial infection. Don’t drink unpasteurized milk during your entire pregnancy journey. It is extremely harmful that can increase the chance of miscarriage.

      Say No to Raw Eggs

      Eggs are very healthy that contains a large number of nutrients which is essential during pregnancy. However, uncooked eggs, on the other hand, are harmful as they may contain salmonella bacteria. Salmonella bacteria can be the reason of diarrhea, poisoning, fever even if miscarriage. Avoid raw eggs during your pregnancy

      Say No to Tea/Coffee

      Some of you may have a habit of drinking tea and coffee so many times in a day. If you are pregnant then it’s time to say goodbye, to your favorite Tea and Coffee.

      According too many doctors caffeine that can cross the placenta and affect the heart rate of the baby. So it is prohibited. Though some doctors say 200mg coffee every day is safe but why take any risk? Nothing is more important than your coming baby!


      Those foods are extremely harmful during your pregnancy. As nothing is more important than your health and health of your future baby so you can happily sacrifice this! Eat proper food and drink the correct amount of fresh water. Stay happy and smile as much as you can! Be careful and be safe. Good Luck