How to Burn Body Fat? And Foods That Stimulate Your Fat Burning


If you want to burn fat, lose weight, and build muscle, nutrition plays an important and crucial role. There are many fat burning foods with special properties that help to burn body fat. Burning fat without any particular effort, this is, of course, a dreaming dream.

The diet plays an important role in the build-up of the muscle. The right diet with foods that help burn the fat, but can decisively contribute to weight reduction. You will definitely be curious about which foods are suitable for burning fat. These foods are suitable not only to burn fat, they are also still healthy.

It is important for a targeted diet to include at least 3 ingredients from the listed food in the main meal time. For snacks and intermediate meals, two components are recommended.

A balanced diet

For a balanced diet, protein, fiber, iron, and folic acid are very important to achieve the desired fat burning success. The further effect of this diet is to successfully eliminate overweight, prevent heart disease and minimize hypertension.

The right sport to burn fat

Whether walking, swimming or running, long and frequent persistence training is the most effective means to burn fat. More important than the right choice of sport is a good training plan. To burn as much fat as possible, you should train three to four hours a week depending on your fitness level. While you can start as a beginner in a quarter of an hour, the minimum if you are trained is about three times a week with 30 to 45 minutes of perpetual training.

The right pace decides about fat burning

If you want to go directly to your limits, you cannot burn a lot of fat. Although you lose a lot of calories through running all the way around, your body will mainly revert to carbohydrates. Fat is burned only by keeping your pulse low.

Not out of breath

If you are only half an hour after the first training week, something is wrong with your pace. The best thing is to run so that you do not get completely out of breath.

Burn oxygen to the fat

In a gym, the body gets enough oxygen, but your immune system is stimulated much more outside and nature offers much more variety.

First, perseverance training then force training

When you first complete your perennial training, your fat metabolism will be much better. Otherwise the carbohydrates are burned.

Only take the protein before exercise

If you eat a banana or energy seal before exercise, your body will revert to the carbohydrate in the blood and it will take longer to reach the fat store. If you really want to burn fat by training, you should only take the protein before exercise.

Proper nutrition for fat burning

As your body burns even fat after the exercise, you should do without carbohydrates. Instead of taking bread, alcohol or noodles, you should have access to fish, vegetables, meat and cheese. When you eat, you should also often look for foods that burn fat. So you can lose weight and still enjoy.

Targeted burning belly fat

Fat is generally reduced throughout the body. White flour, sugar and junk food are just growing the pancake. Above all, you should specifically reduce your stress, because this particularly promotes the fat storage in the body center.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats are indispensable to your body because it cannot make them themselves. However, you will find the necessary alpha-linoleic acids and linoleic acid for daily survival in a tablespoon of rapeseed oil. In addition, the Omega 3 fatty acids help you burn fat. These are mainly found in organic dairy products, walnuts, rape and olive oil, fat fish, and coriander.

Below you will find various fat burning foods:

Dark chocolate

Chocolate has numerous health-promoting properties; it contains valuable antioxidants and other healthy active ingredients. It is important, however, to choose dark chocolate because it contains little or no sugar and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which help to maintain a longer sensation of sweetness.


Quinoa contains valuable antioxidants, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E. Therefore, this plant has been known in recent years as a good means for losing weight. The grains are prepared with vegetables, dried fruits or lean protein products.


In general, green leafy vegetables are best suited to reduce fat and reduce weight. Salad acts dehydrating and contains a lot of iron and fiber, so it is ideal for losing weight.

Peppers and chilies

Peppers and chilies are among the best fat burners. They contain a lot of vitamin C, even more than oranges and lemons. They also act as antioxidants and improve metabolism, which is very important for better fat burning.


Grapefruits are an excellent source of carbohydrates and contain 90% water as well as citric acid. This delicious fruit is especially recommended for weight loss. Grapefruits also help regulate cholesterol levels and are used to prevent and treat colds.


Oat is an excellent fat burner this grain activates metabolism and improves digestion. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins. In addition, oats contain unsaturated fatty acids and micronutrients, which provide the organism with sufficient energy for the whole day.


Nuts contain vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids as well as vegetable protein, fiber, and valuable antioxidants. When nuts are consumed in moderation, they can support a slimming diet and also improve cholesterol levels.

Onion and garlic

Onions and garlic have similar characteristics both promote metabolism and help with fat burning. They activate blood circulation, have a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect and help to regulate the blood glucose level. In general, onions and garlic provide for better digestion and the elimination of pollutants from the organism.

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