Create Attraction with Fractional Rapport Hooks - Master the Seductive Arts


To truly master the seductive arts you need to learn how to use fractional rapport hooks. As you will probably already know rapport is the conversational bond you create with another person. If you have been studying NLP and conversational hypnosis you should already be able to build rapport pretty easily. What you are able to do with fractional rapport hooks is better to hide the fact you are using “secret” and “covert” and also get a person really wanting your attention.

How is this done? Well, the idea of fractional rapport is to offer your target your complete attention for a short period of time and hook them in with an incomplete story or piece of information. Then you take all of this away. This leaves the person you were talking to wanting more and craving your attention again.

Most people know a guy who’s a bit of a jerk with women, constantly playing hot and cold, yet they are consistently surrounded by them. At first, it makes no sense to you but without knowing it (in most cases) they are using fractional rapport hooks. You too can experience great success with this method, and you don’t have to be a jerk about it…unless you want to be.

For example, say you have struck up a conversation with a woman in a bar and you’re getting along well. You’ve asked her questions about her life and know you’re telling her a little story about yourself (either real or made up). Now if you see that she is enjoying you what you can do is act as if your mobile has gone off and you’ve received a text. Tell her that there’s a bit of an emergency at work or with a family member/friend and that you have to go right away. This will be a bit of a shock to her. Here the window is open. Now you can apologise and ask for her phone number so that you can get a chance to talk again. I have never known this not to work.

That is quite an extreme example, though. Another method of using fractional rapport hooks is to tell a story but leave out key details. For instance, you could talk about a great holiday you had but not mention the actual destination, make your target ask questions and they will become hooked into the story. Using fractional rapport hooks is almost like play fighting with a dog over a piece of rope. You give them a little slack but then you pull it right back in. It’s easy to do and it’s one of the few techniques which just impossible to spot from the point of view of the other person. It doesn’t feel like a game, it feels real and that is the real secret to building great rapport.

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