A Health Guide To Green Coffee Beans

green coffee beans

Where's my coffee..? is generally the first question which is asked by everyone while rubbing their eyes post waking up from their sleep. The ecstatic aroma of coffee beans when combined with boiling water results out in a delicious beverage which has turned out to be a favourite de-stressor for everyone. Whenever someone mentions coffee, an image of beautiful, roasted aromatic brown coffee beans strike up in our mind but only a few people are aware of the fact that these brown coffee beans are originally green in colour.

Yes, your heard it right coffee beans are actually seeds which are green in colour and are obtained from red berry. Post being collected these coffee beans undergo the process of roasting resulting out in Brown Coffee beans. Green coffee beans contains are rich amount of a component called chlorogenic acid which comprises of various health benefits, however these coffee beans when roasted become a rich source of anti-oxidants but the amount of chlorogenic acid present gradually decreases. Therefore, green coffee beans are considered as more beneficial than brown coffee beans, however, green coffee beans does not contain any rich taste or mesmerizing aroma.

So, if you belong to that small ratio of people who more care about their health than the mesmerizing aroma, and delicious taste of coffee, then these green coffee beans are a perfect option for you, and if you are bothered about getting these little bundles of health supplements then you need not to worry as you can easily buy Green coffee beans online. Let's have a look on various health, beauty and skin benefits offered by Green Coffee Beans.

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    • Green Coffee Beans: Health Benefits and Uses

      Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

      With the availability of various lip-smacking and delicious dishes in the market it you become a host to excess fat and weight turning out to be an obese, helping out which the green coffee beans offer a low-cost weight loss supplement. Green coffee beans comprises of a rich level of chlorogenic acid which works in order to reduce the amount of fat consumed, enhancing your metabolism process increasing the absorption rate of fats consumed, in turn helping you out with your goal of weight loss. With each passing day green coffee beans are becoming a popular weight loss supplement among people.

      Green Coffee Beans for Blood Pressure

      People are currently leading a life which is full of stress, burdens and tensions which in turns strike the problem of higher blood pressure levels making it a very common problem among people nowadays. High blood pressure often leads to thickening and hardening of the arteries which further leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, resulting in decreased life expectancy, however a lot of studies have been conducted to authenticate the health benefits of green coffee beans for high blood pressure levels and as a result it has been unveiled that the chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans plays a significant role in lowering down the level of high blood pressure, and moreover the higher is the consumption of green coffee beans the lower is the blood pressure level.

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      • Lower Levels of Bad Cholesterol

        How many of us look for the cholesterol level or the nutritional content present in a food products when we are craving badly to consume it..? The answer to this question would be just a handful of people. We never bother about our health when it comes to taste, and those tempting junk food products are completely drenched in oil, which works as a means of increasing the level of bad cholesterol in our body which is recognized as the primary reason behind most of the cardiovascular diseases, however as per various studies conducted it has been witnessed that green coffee beans comprises of properties which are known to be very efficient for lowering down the level of bad cholesterol in your body making you less prone to strokes, cardiac arrests and other cardiovascular diseases.

        Green Coffee Beans for Diabetes

        Nowadays diabetes has become a common problem among people which sometimes further results in the development of dementia including alzheimer's as alzheimer's is recognized as a metabolic disease which is caused by insulin responsiveness. The properties of green coffee beans make it capable of controlling the blood sugar level naturally making it an effective major for controlling Type-2 diabetes, moreover diabetes is directly linked to obesity, the green coffee beans while controlling the level of your reduces obesity level or yours in turn playing a key role in controlling your diabetes and lowering down the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

        Side Effects and Uses Limitation of Green Coffee Beans

        Green Coffee Beans as a health supplement undoubtedly offers a wide range of health benefits but just like a coin always do have a flip side, there is always side effects related to something offering a lot of health benefits, same way green coffee beans too comes with some uses limitations and side effects.

        It is always suggested to consult a medical expert prior using any sort of supplement or product, but there are certain people or conditions where the consumption of green coffee beans should be totally avoided, which you can see below:

        Amid Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Women who are pregnant or are breast-feeding a little toddler are always suggested to avoid the consumption of caffeine completely, therefore it is suggested that you should not intake green coffee beans amid pregnancy or breastfeeding.

        Below the age of 18: Green coffee beans works as an aid in weight loss for people above the age of 18 therefore, it is preferable to avoid consuming green coffee beans prior 18 years of age.

        Suffering from Anxiety: Caffeine is known to strike anxiety attack sometime among people, hence, if suffering from anxiety already you should avoid taking green coffee beans. 

        Suffering from Diarrhoea: Green coffee beans contains caffeine which is known to make the diarrhoea conditions worse therefore, you should avoid having green coffee beans when suffering from diarrhoea.

        Other Side Effects:

        • Upset Stomach.
        • Insomnia.
        • Vomiting.
        • Nausea.
        • Nervousness.
        • Increased heart rate.
        • Restlessness.
        • Increased breathing rate.

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