Guided Meditation for Weight Loss - All you need to know


Meditation and mindfulness are proven to be useful for weight loss. Studies show that significant weight loss is documented in the majority of meditation participants because of the change in the participant’s psychological, behavioural and biological mechanism. If you want to join the path to weight loss and more peace, guided meditation might just be the magic you need.

Why won’t you lose weight?

The U.S fell into an epidemic with more than 60% of the population are either overweight or obese. There have been countless weight management programs introduced in response, but most of them show poor outcomes or inconsistent results.

Most people think they are determined to go on a weight loss, only to find themselves struggle to stay. No matter how effective a program should be, it seems to be inapplicable for a tired, angry and miserable weight loser. Even when a person has succeeded with weight loss, he or she might just get the pounds on again, when the pills have run out or when the diet regime has become too boring.

At, we offer diet programs that will incorporate well with hypnosis and meditation for weight loss and to reduce anxiety and depression

Self Hypnosis & Guided Meditation - An Effective Approach To Weight Loss

It has become clear that a fad diet, a short-term exercise program or boot camp is not enough to get the pounds off permanently. More than that, a person needs to change his behavioural system in order to live healthily at an ideal weight.

The best option for an overweight person is a program that can:

  • Enhance the psychological and environmental factors for successful weight loss.
  • Change the dietary and physical activities slowly yet effectively.

For both of the requirements above, hypnosis and meditation can both be ideal options. They make the practitioners more self-compassed and eliminate the maladaptive behaviours effectively. More than that, hypnosis and meditation facilitate healthy and adaptive self-regulation, allow the practitioner to keep the weight on or off at their own will, without having to depend on any pills, diet regimes or exercise routine. A good hypnosis program will make a person fitter - mentally and physically.

How Meditation and Hypnosis help with weight loss

Meditation leads you to a calm state, where you can understand the needs of your ego, your mind, your body, and change accordingly.

Why Hypnosis Works: On the other hand, hypnosis brings the mind into a state where it accepts a suggestion more easily. The subject may dive deep into a person’s subconscious, eliminates habits that might contribute to weight gain.

There are many reasons why this approach is helpful:

  1. It offers the ability to change behavioural patterns
  2. It gives more self-regulation, which helps the practitioner decrease calorie consumption and increases caloric expenditure through exercise
  3. To their goals and needs, a practitioner can response to what their body actually needs, rather than continue with the old habits. For example, a hypnosis participant has the ability to differ between the hunger signs and the psychological needs to eat in order to satisfy negative emotions.
  4. It eases the common discomfort in a weight loss program, for example, the feelings of hunger, muscle sore and pain from exercise.
  5. It maintains the practitioner's motivation and keep the passion for weight loss up

Ease into Weight Loss with Hypnosis/ Meditation

To begin with this, all you need is a good hypnosis program. If an expert or a suitable program is not accessible, then you can always begin at home by meditating or listening to guided meditation.

To meditate by yourself:

  1. Find a quiet location: It can be in your bedroom or in the park, any place that is quiet enough and without frequent disturbance.
  2. Stay in a comfortable pose: You can sit, lie down, stand or walk, as long as you stay in the pose for the whole session.
  3. Focus your attention: Most people focus on a phrase or their breath.
  4. Be open-minded: As you meditate or staying in a self-hypnosis session, many thoughts might pop in your head. What you should do is stay neutral to those thoughts, shift your attention to your breath or predetermined phrase.

If you find yourself too distracted, then guided meditation can be your aid. The voices and images in good guided meditation programs for weight loss can help you get in shape healthily, happily and exclude the feelings of deprivation, which is more than often the reason why other programs fail. Guided meditation is like hypnosis with an expert. They require no effort, you can just be there and let things happen.


Here are some of the most popular guided meditation for weight loss video. We suggest you choose a video or program that best suit your needs, schedule, and preference.

Author bio: Lan Hoang is a writer at She likes to read about innovative approaches to mental and physical health. Lan has also practiced yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis for more than 2 years.