HAARP Mind Control Revealed


Revealing Haarp Mind Control

Over a period of history, there has been numerous conspiracy related to Governments with their involvement in cult organizations and other scientific research programs to establish a mass mind control program to influence their objectives into the masses and manipulate them to achieve their sinister objectives. Governments have been linked and proved to have tried various mind control techniques, from old school brain washing techniques to more advanced high frequency mind imbalances, all for influencing the masses in favor of their objectives. A well-known example was the Nazi agenda of using inhumane brainwashing and mind control techniques to anyone who wasn’t in favor of the regime or was caught working against them. HAARP mind control and its existence is somewhat linked to the Nazi regime and has been accused to be established on the same fundamental of mass mind control.

HAARP, an acronym used for “High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”, was established on the grounds of so called Ionosphere Research. The program’s agenda was later claimed to be also a defense control program to create a electromagnetically induced shield, by emitting ELF waves over the US territory to protect it from any threats of communication or missile attack by terrorist entity. The HAARP program got notorious when the transmitting site located near Gokana, Alaska was that the same ELF waves emitted for creating a shield could also be transmitted to alter weather, create earthquakes and interfere as well as effect brainwaves.

To know how HAARP mind control works, we need to know the concept of Ionosphere, how it resonates our brain and how altering it could alter the brain waves. Ionosphere being 0.1% ion plasma layer in the earth’s atmosphere, extending from 50kms to 1500kms above the ground, acts as a natural protection from sun’s ultra violet radiation. The ionosphere has naturally produced extremely low frequency waved responsible for Earth’s Natural Brain Rhythm. As the brain also works using these ELF waves, the ionosphere is responsible for all living beings and their brain’s to resonate with Earth’s Natural Brain Rhythm.

In researches done in 50’s and 60’s by Dr. Andrija Puharich, it was found that the brain functions by transmitting extremely low frequency, known as brainwaves. The normal brainwaves transmit and are tuned at 8 Hz frequency. Also it was found that a person who was emitting a certain frequency could alter another person, if in range, by resonating the brainwaves of the other person to that same frequency. This meant that a person’s brain not only functions by emitting ELF as brainwaves but its functioning could be altered by inducing it to a certain frequency so that the brain would resonate itself to the induced frequency.

Our brains are vulnerable to any device that emits ELF waves, as they would immediately resonate themselves to the induced frequency, something similar to the concept of a tuning folk. A brain if induced to a frequency at 7.83 Hz or even 8 Hz would reflect an emotion of happiness. On the other hand, high frequency like 10 Hz would result in hypnosis and 10.80 Hz would induce riotous behavior. Similarly, if the brain is tuned to lower ELF wavesof 6.60 Hz, it would induce sadness and depression in a person.

After various independent scientific investigators dug deeper into the rabbit hole, they found that the HAARP and its 100 ELF towers were in fluxing 1 billion watts of electromagnetic fields into the earth’s ionosphere. This was not only being used to protect the US Ionosphere territory, but was also being used to manipulate weather and create earthquakes if directed towards sensitive fault lines in the earths crust. But most importantly these same ELF frequencies were being targeted to populated areas so to resonate their brainwaves in accordance to intensity of the waves being transmitted.
This discovery of the sinister tentacle of this program, also known as HAARP mind control, made the investigators believe that the entire agenda was based on a Massive Mind Control Agenda, to control the minds of the entire world population. With this technology, they were not only capable of bringing natural disasters to any specific target area they wished for, but tune into the entire targeted population by resonating their brainwaves to depression, hypnosis or riotous by the altering the intensity of the waves.

HAARP Mind Control is responsible for depression among the population, the sense of anxiety and most importantly the urge of destruction and riots among the population. A provoked population is easily manipulated and therefore easily convinced for hidden agendas. With the knowledge of these sinister agendas we can switch off our minds from this hypnotic stage of mind control and rise up against any sinister intention towards you. A well informed mind cannot be manipulated, cannot be chained and most importantly cannot be controlled!


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