How to use Self Hypnosis for Habit Change


Conscious activities take a backseat in a state of self hypnosis, the result being that the subconscious mind opens up to suggestions due to the accommodative consciousness.

However, the conscious thought processes are still stable and do not suffer any aberrations due to this experience. The highly concentrated and channelized attention during the process of self hypnosis results in the self-given suggestions acquiring supreme importance and critical thinking becoming subdued.

It is important to appreciate the fact that a suggestion does not necessarily come with the intricate details of the behaviours that would entail the absorption of the suggestion, and this gives wings to our imagination for establishing the behavior-habit-attitude relationships in our mind.

The following framework helps in understanding this issue further.

Visualise the ideal self, not the actual self. The images you conjure up will be accepted by the subconscious mind and habit changes will begin to take place. Actually, changes in habits translate into changes in behaviour which further culminate into changed attitude. Slowly, the fine tunings that contribute towards the creation and maintenance of constructive habits are internalised.

Not all habits get entrenched in our systems through single suggestions. Most suggestions are ideally repeated on successive days for them to become somewhat strong and permanent. This is because the imagination isn’t always equipped with all information necessary to bring about the behaviour required by the new habits.

The trial with the envisaged habit is followed by the suggestion’s recycling and repetition. The images are then enhanced and expanded upon. The new habit, thus, finds deeper roots. This procedure of trials and enhanced repetitions carries on till a person reaches a stage where he/she performs the desired habits.

Our subconscious mind tends to hold on to the existing habits, irrespective of their goodness or badness. In such a scenario, the comparative rewards process yields good results in coaxing the subconscious mind into accepting the desired changes.

Obviously, the subconscious mind will select a self-rewarding habit pattern over any other that does the same job. Through self hypnosis, new habits are suggested, imagination is used to complete and integrate them, and reward values that supersede those of the earlier habits are established. This basically means convincing the subconscious mind of the positives carried by the new habits.

In this direction, we visualise the successful execution of the new habit and enjoyment of the success. Elimination of the old habits isn’t necessarily done through self hypnosis. Elimination through natural discontinuance is more likely.