10 Healthy Activities for Your Family


Once you’ve got your own family, your daily habits will change a lot. Your work-out schedule might be put aside to be replaced by other activities with your spouse and children. You may reduce your fitness time to be together with your family and start losing your shape. Why not combine these two things into one? Be creative. There are fitness activities that all family members can carry out together that will help you bond as well as keep everyone fit and healthy. Here we recommend 10 healthy activities for family that entertain your whole family while keeping you in shape.

Walk before or after dinners

Walking before or after meals promotes healthy metabolic activity. Evening is the time when all family members can stay together, so add a pre- or post-dinner walk to your daily schedule to enhance your overall health. You can make walking a bit adventurous and challenging, so that it won’t be boring to your kids, or even you. Some small contests in certain places like running up and down a short flight of stairs, discovering the nature and getting award points. A family walk like this can burn approximately 100 calories per hour. It costs you nothing and can be done almost anywhere you want.

Regular outdoor activities

A Simple outdoor games and activities surely attract both children and adults. There are so many outdoor games you can play together with your kids such as sack racing, following the leader, running a kite, etc,. All of you will enjoy them. By doing outdoors activities, you get more fresh air, get your body moved, have fun, and maintain good family link. You should set a regular schedule for these activities and make sure all family members can get involved.

Gardening together


If you have a garden, you can get so many benefits from it. Beside the crops and flowers, gardens offer plentiful opportunity for both children and parents to enjoy physical outdoor activities. Gardening gives you chances to build up body muscles. You can have your kids push the reel mower, water plants, or pull weeds. Through these fun gardening activities, kids can get their whole body work out without even know they are doing work. So instead of sitting inside the house watching TV or playing computer games, the whole family is encouraged to move and use more energy in a healthy environment. Gardening also shows kids the advantages of vegetables and fruits, and so put them on the right path to eating healthy. However, you should pay attention to signs of boredom in a kid while gardening. Let them try some tasks with short periods at the beginning and extend the time gradually. Soon they will be begging to dig up onions or water cucumbers. But please watch out your kids when they use the gardening tools, such as a self-propelled mower, because they could harm themselves.

Family cycling

Cycling together with your family is a fun way to lose some extra pounds as it burns from 200 to 800 calories per hour. You can choose safe cycling routes where there is no or very little traffic for family-friendly cycling. In case your child is too young to control a bike on his own, you can buy a child seat for him, or link his bike to yours so that you can all enjoy cycling together.

Run for charity

There are fund-raising races that you and your family can join. This kind of activities helps your children learn the value of exercise and of contributing to society. Doing a run charity gives you a chance to raise funds for a worthwhile cause while keeping you fit. When you run for a charity, you’re surrounded by like-minded people running for the same reason. There’s always a great sense of companionship among the charity runners, and you get the support from the sidelines too. That’s why both parents and children definitely will enjoy this healthy and meaningful activity.

Turn up the music and dance

You can organize some disco nights with your kids. If you don’t have a separate room for entertainment, you might have to rearrange your living room to create more free space for the disco. Fill the CD player with dance tunes, use the flashlight as a strobe light. Someone can sing a joyful song while the others are dancing or all of you dance to the music. You know that there are countless benefits of dance and the most obvious one is keeping you healthy. When you dance, your cardiovascular system improves, your muscle tone increases and you burn calories. Dancing also increases flexibitily, strength, and balance. Dancing is a great activity that is enjoyable as well as keeps you in shape.

Let kids work in the yard

Children enjoy working in the yard if you give them appropriate tasks. In autumn, they can help sweep fallen leaves on the ground and rake them into piles. When winter comes with snow, you can give them child-sized shovel so they can help clear the gate or walkway. After that, add some fun to the task by making as many snow angels as they can, or building a snowman, or tossing snowballs.

kids work in yard

Go to swimming pool

All kids love swimming. Actually, the pool is interesting to them because it offers a lot of fun games. For adults, swimming is also a great exercise that can burn up to 300 calories per hour. It also builds your upper-body strength and gives your heart, lungs and all the major muscle groups in your body a good workout.Therefore, this is an excellent family activity you shouldn’t miss.

Family indoor games

Team up for some indoor games such as ping-pong, volleyball, badminton, or basketball. You can book an hour or two at the local sports centre for the whole family to join in. Organize some small contests among your family members or with other players. The competition will surely provide you a good quality workout.

Walk the dog

Researchs have shown that dog-owners had more fun losing weight and were able to keep it off longer than non-dog owners. If you have a dog, you have to walk him out several times a day. But you don’t need to to it alone. Let your kids take part in and have fun together so they can get benefits from this activity too.