Top 3 Effective Home Remedies for Post Nasal Drip


It is post nasal drip that is one of the most common health problems happening to our daily lives and causing a lot of annoying as well as uncomfortable feelings. In fact, the post nasal drip will happen if the nasal mucosa has produced too much mucus. Commonly, most of people have not noticed the mucus in their nose because of unconsciously swallowing during the whole day. However, whenever the mucus has been overproduced, the mucus will begin to drip from the back of people’ nose which has led to post nasal drip.

In addition, post nasal drip may be triggered by a wide range of reasons such as allergies, common flu, infection, cold weather, eating too spicy foods, as well as changing of hormones.

Common symptoms of post nasal drip

Apart from the feelings of very annoying and uncomfortable, the post nasal drip itself has some typical symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, hard to swallowing as well as the feeling of sickness or weakness.

Home remedies for post nasal drip

In this article, we will provide you the most effective and easiest home remedies for you to treat post nasal drip successfully and completely. These home remedies are proven to be effective however if the post nasal drip of yours are not improved after a week, it is better to get professional advices from your doctors.

1. Steam inhalation

How many times have you ever heard of steam inhalation to treat health problems at home? You may say to me it had reached more than a bulk. In fact, it has a reason for steam inhalation to keep showing up in every list of home remedies for health issues. In this case of treating post nasal drip, the steam inhalation has its amazing ability. Moreover, in order to apply this method, you will only need to prepare a towel just right from your bedroom and hot or boiling cleaning water from your kitchen. In fact, if you want to not only treat your post nasal drip but also provide your body, particularly your skin faces a very relaxation after a long working day, just prepare some essential oils with the smell you enjoy. In addition, the steam inhalation will help you remove the mucus as well as break it effectively to completely treat the pose nasal drip problems. You can apply this method from 2 to 3 times on a daily basis. However, it you do not have much time to do this, then 1 time just before bedtime is suggested. Moreover, it is noted that this steam inhalation method is not applied for children with very small ages. Below is detail guidance for you to apply the steam inhalation method to treat post nasal drip.

  1. Prepare a hot or boiling clean water. If you want to, you can add in the water some small drops of essential oils with the very adorable smell you like.
  2. Put a clean towel over your head and then hold your face, particularly your face over the hot prepared water.
  3. Just relax your body and your mind and take full deep breath for about 10 to 15 minutes
  4. After that, gently blow your nose and feel the amazing results

2. Garlic

In fact, it is garlic that is truly a gift from the mother of nature to people ‘s health. In detail, garlic has a wide range of benefit to your health as well as its ability to treat a lot of health problems and diseases including the post nasal drip, the main issues we are talking about. Furthermore, if you are a little bit lazy like me, then this home remedy of garlic is special made for you. Indeed, all you need to do is get some fresh cloves of garlic, one way or another, and then chew them a few times within a day. You might afraid of its strong smell, then a cup of green tea after chewing garlic may be a useful tip for you. Alternatively, you can give the fresh ginger a try to remove the smell of fresh garlic. Moreover, the ginger also has its special ability to treat the post nasal drip that is mentioned as following.

3. Fresh Ginger

If you are tea lovers, then this fresh ginger home remedies for treating post nasal drip is what you are interested in. Indeed, fresh ginger itself a natural remedies of the miracle east culture. In fact, the fresh ginger has consisted of a wide range of antibacterial, antiviral as well as expectorant properties to completely reduce and remove the overproduced mucus. Moreover, the fresh ginger can remove some common symptoms of the post nasal drip such as cough, sore throat as well. First of all, you can simply put some slices of fresh ginger into your morning tea or afternoon tea and enjoy it to treat the post nasal drip effectively and easily. Secondly, you can also chew some slice of fresh ginger just like mentioning in the part of garlic remedy. Besides, you can add fresh ginger to your dish as well. As bonus for you, in fact, ginger is also one of the most effective home remedies for nasal polyps.