These Home Remedies Will Help You Stop Smoking Effectively


Smoking is probably the worst thing you can do to your health, and though you know how harmful it is to smoke, let’s face it, quitting it is the most difficult task. Peer pressure and stress can make you fall back to cigarettes after days or even years of patience.

To make the quitting process more bearable, you are recommended to seek help from herbs, supplements and other natural aids. In this article, we provide you top remedies that help you stop smoking.

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    • 1. Water

      Water is one excellent detoxifier which gives your body an extra boost in getting rid of nicotine in your system. When the craving and anxiety hit you a glass of water provides a calming effect and a decrease in withdrawal symptoms.

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      • 2. Exercise

        I can’t stress enough the benefits of exercise in quitting smoke. The key is consistency. Doing it at least 3 times a week, 20-30 minutes each session brings countless of benefits.

        Firstly, it takes away all the stress and anxiety resulted from quitting. It helps detox the body and release toxins through sweating. Furthermore, exercise improves blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration and lung capacity.

        For all these reasons, you are strong advised to exercise to remain healthy during quitting. Some recommended activities you can take are running, brisk walking and swimming.

        3. Herbal tea

        When you are tempted to smoke, switch to a cup of herbal tea instead. It can be green tea, or chamomile, mimosa tea and lobelia. Slow sipping of tea helps calm the nerves and provide a similar stress relief effect as nicotine.

        Herbal tea also cleans the lungs and effectively detoxifies nicotine out of the body.

        4. Oat

        This time tested home remedy for quitting smoke is very heart-healthy, rich in nutrients that are necessary to restore the proper functions of the heart and arteries damaged by smoking.

        Green oat extract is proven to be able to ease the withdrawal symptoms and reduce the desire to smoke.

        5. Ginger

        Nausea is one noted nicotine withdrawal symptom and ginger, with its warming and heating effect can ease nausea feeling.

        Ginger also assists detoxification and reduces cigarette cravings.

        You can choose either to drink a cup of ginger tea or take ginger capsule.

        6. Licorice

        This is one of the most well-known remedies among smoke quitters. Whenever you desire to smoke, a stick of licorice acts as a sweet substitute, not only because of its interesting taste, but it gives you the same physical and oral sensation as smoking a cigarette.

        7. Cayenne pepper

        The strong taste of cayenne pepper can easily outweigh craving for smoking. Its benefits for smoke quitters also come from its ability to desensitize the respiratory system to nicotine and other harmful chemical irritants. High concentration of antioxidants makes it a stabilizer to the lining of the lungs.

        For all these benefits, add cayenne pepper to your food on a daily basis. Capsule form of cayenne also does the trick very well.

        8. Ginseng

        When it comes to quitting smoke, ginseng is a key player. It is highly effective to help you combat cravings. Ginseng naturally strengthens your overall physical and mental performance, thus easing stress you experience from quitting smoke and from your life as well.

        9. Grape seed extract

        Grape seed extract is an excellent home remedy to help stop smoking, as it repairs the damage done to the lungs by several years of smoking. You can consume grape seed extract in the form of capsules or tablets.

        10. Peppermint

        Peppermint is the next home remedy that helps stop smoking. Many people resort to peppermint gum to chew when craving hits, because its intense strong and fresh taste helps deter people from falling for cigarette.

        Studies also revealed that withdrawal symptoms like upset stomach, anxiety, stress can be alleviated effectively using peppermint.

        11. Vitamins

        Seek help from vitamins. Vitamins, especially vitamins a, c, e are necessary for the repair of your body, restore the immune system weakened by smoking. Vitamins also give a hand in expel toxins out of the body and ease the withdrawal symptoms.

        12. St. John’s wort

        This herb has gained its popularity as an important ingredient in many medicines for depression. Therefore, St. John’s wort is proved to improve emotional edge followed by quitting smoke. It also helps minimize the urge to smok. You are advised to take 450mg of St. John’s wort twice a day.

        13. Herbal cigarette

        If you miss the feeling of holding a cigarette in your fingers, try herbal cigarettes that contain 0% of nicotine. These cigarettes are made of different kinds of herbs such as mint, licorice, clove and lemongrass.

        However, you should not overdo these herbal cigarettes because instead of nicotine you can be poisoned by another cancer-induced content called carcinogens. Take a note that you might get oral thrush after stopping smoking, hence, salts and other home remedies can help get rid of this problem.


        Above are some of the most outstanding remedies you can apply if you are struggling with quitting smoking. It should be noted that the key factor that decides the success of this quest is your determination and your discipline. And remember, the benefits you get from stopping smoke far outweigh the process of quitting.

        Author bio: This article is written by Rose Emma – Senior Editor of Authority Remedies. She works as a health care expert in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 2 years after trained in Food and Nutrition Dietetics at Bluffton University. With all the experience she accumulates since college, she provides people with useful information about nutrition as well as helps them with their common health problems.