How Do NLP And Hypnosis Work Together?


Hypnosis and NLP are two different concepts used for creating change, but they are also interrelated in many ways. NLP or neuro- linguistic programming is a set of techniques that is widely used and adopted in the interpersonal communication. The techniques of NLP have been effectively used as the effective approach to modern psychotherapy.

The techniques of NLP find great usage in fields such as business and industries. It is also greatly used by advocates in various training activities, workshops and also knowledge dissemination program. The underlying principle here is that with the acquisition of new knowledge and ideas there are also suitable to change and modifications in a person attitude and behaviour with integrity.

Hypnosis is also a means that is used to influence the mind and the behaviour of a person and is becoming more and more popular. Hypnosis generally targets the person’s unconscious. In this, a person is commanded to perform actions, in a trance state. In such a state of mind, the mind is more conducive to the agreeing to and accepting external suggestions from a third party, that are in line with their own set of values and beliefs.

Until recently, it was often regarded that hypnosis was like dealing with something mystical. But of late this perception has entirely changed. Now hypnosis is treated with an utmost scientific approach, according to the new study, we experience hypnotic trance states almost daily in our lives. You yourself must have experienced hypnosis while watching scenes in a movie or television.

Now the question that arises is, can we combine the two alike process NLP and hypnosis? And if yes, what will be the significance? The answer is that the combination of these two principles will lead to a better facilitation of knowledge, skills, strategies and beliefs that will assist the individual to create the life that they want. In fact, there are many training sessions that involve the techniques of both the processes. By combing the two processes you can actually get in control the of both your conscious and the unconscious state of mind. The end result of the combination is extremely positive.