How Does Hypnosis Work With The Mind And Body?


Many people ask the question, how does hypnosis work? A medical expert or an expert in spirituality may be in the best position to answer the question, how does hypnosis work, but simplifying what happens to the mind and body makes it more comprehensible to the common people. How does hypnosis work? In simple terms, hypnosis brings a person into an altered state.

This altered state can be characterised by an intermediary between sleep and nervous sleep. There is such a thing called alpha brain waves and they are supposed to be low during sleep but high during hypnosis. When you are hypnotised, these alpha brain waves generally describe your hypnotised state. The difference between actual sleep and being hypnotised is that when you are hypnotised, you still have the slight ability to hear things but when you are asleep, it is very unlikely that you will hear things.

How does hypnosis work with the mind? You have to differentiate hypnosis from meditation or relaxation. It may appear to be similar but they are not the same. When you are hypnotised, your mind enters a trance state. This trance state can be characterised by being situated in another place. The mind is transferring itself to a place outside the body and mimics the body’s existence in the altered state. It is also unlikely that you will be walking around or moving when you are hypnotised. Your body is likely to stay put.

How does hypnosis work with the body? When you try to answer the question, how does hypnosis work, in terms of the body then you’ll ask yourself, where does the body go? How does hypnosis work in terms of transferring the body from one place to another? How does hypnosis work when the mind and body are working together? When you are hypnotised, your body enters a state of numbness or a state of relaxation.

When you are in this state, your body can do several things. Your heartbeat may increase or decrease depending on your body’s reaction to the hypnotised state. Your eyes may experience some sort of rapid eye moment similar to what you experience when you sleep. Take note that there are certain bodies that are more responsive to hypnosis. You are either born with a more hypnotize-able body or not.

Hypnosis puts your mind and body into an altered state. If you do not feel safe about the effects of hypnosis on your body then it would be best to consult a physician right away. You don’t want to end up getting seizures or heart attacks during a hypnosis session.