How does Hypnosis work?


Hypnosis is a subject which the general public knows very little about and because of this, it is very much misunderstood. The idea that some random person will click their fingers and you will dance around like a chicken in front of a live studio audience maybe some people’s idea of fun, but to me personally, I don’t think I would enjoy it at all, and I feel that others have been put off by this inaccurate representation of hypnosis. Hypnosis has been portrayed as embarrassing and an experienced enjoyed by an audience, this however is not the case for real hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be defined as a procedure in which one enters a ‘trance-like state’ which leaves their mind open to vulnerability. This vulnerability is what hypnotherapists use in order to change the way you are thinking. Hypnosis can be used for a range of issues starting from; addictions to drugs, smoking, food or alcohol, stress, exam fears and general problems that life throws at you. Hypnosis is a great non-invasive treatment which can be done over a period of weeks, where the hypnotherapist slowly relives you, and helps you to detach yourself from the root of your worries, fears and addictions. Hypnosis can be used alongside other therapies as hypnosis compliments other therapy based practices.

Many people look into hypnosis and can never really find a straight answer as to how it works. The common question asked on FAQ pages on hypnosis sites is; ‘How does Hypnosis work?’ The answer to this question is simple. Hypnosis is practiced by a hypnotherapist and it is where the individual undergoing the process, follows a set of basic instructions given to them by the hypnotherapist. These instructions lead the individual into a state of deep relaxation. This state of relaxation puts the brain into a state of Alpha brainwaves; it is this state which television lures your mind into, and then blasts adverts at you so that these subliminal messages sit in your subconscious. The next day when you are walking past a shop, you might think to yourself, ‘Oh I needed one of those’ when in fact you saw it on an advert the night before. It is a very clever method to make the general public feel like they want or need something that they do not. Once your mind has reach an Alpha state, then this means that your mind becomes open to suggestions and ideas, it is now that the hypnotherapist works to untangle the knotted issues which are creating the web of problems that you have and that affects your daily life.

When undergoing hypnosis, you must remember that at no time during your session, will you ever lose the control of your faculties. Unlike the magic that you see on the TV, hypnosis is entirely controlled by yourself.  You are only falling into an intense state of relaxation, and this means that if you are uncomfortable with something or want to stop, for any reason you only have to open your eyes, it is that simple.

Hypnosis is an incredible form of therapy; it may not be the quick fix you are looking for, however it really does work by connecting with the root of the problem and fixing it before it gets worse.  In addition, hypnosis does not only have to take place in a room with a lounger and your hypnotherapist, normally in your hypnosis sessions, your hypnotherapist will go through various skills that you can use in order to self-hypnotize, thus being able to use it when your day gets that little too hard to cope with. It is an excellent skill which people take years to learn but it lasts a lifetime and I believe that it should be taught to children in the early years of their life, in order to prevent the trauma that addictions and stress can cause in a persons life.