How Health Can Contribute To Achieve Success


Definition of success may differ from person to person as everyone has their own ways to view it. for instance, for some success means becoming the best swimmer ever, for another it might mean to achieve the title f best businessman of the year and for some it might be just to score the highest GP in a semester. One thing that remains mutual for everyone who has a target to reach is that, to climb the stairs of success the fitness and health of mind and body are not only essential but basic requirements.

Napoleon Hill who is amongst America’s established and well known authors. His book “Think and grown rich” made it into the 10 best-selling self-help books, said:

“No person may enjoy outstanding success without health.”

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      Success demands one to remain very focused throughout the entire journey towards success. If brain is not active, one cannot pay the appropriate amount of attention and concentration towards his mission. A mind that is unhealthy responds slowly to stimulators and thus, causes the person to lack behind in areas where prompt reactions are required in order to grab the opportunities that leads to their ultimate goals. A stagnant mind fails to bring creative and intelligent ideas that can pave the way to success. It serves and adds to the innumerous hindrances that come in path of success.

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        It is a very common and famous saying that you are what you eat. Many psychological researches and studies have founded that eating healthy food keeps you filled with positivity and turns you into a person with optimistic approach towards life. Such approach is very important in able to achieve your goal because a person with optimistic thinking never gives up on encountering a failure and rather takes it as a challenge. Such dedication and will contribute most in the journey of success.


        If health is by your side, you do not have to spend most of your precious time and money on fixing it. Instead, the same amount of money and time can be invested intelligently in working out ways that can make your success journey a whole lot easier. With a perfectly functioning body and brain, you can work hard for long hours and in less time you can be more productive compared to a sick body.

        As we all know prevention is better than cure and that health is one the most valuable assets given to us by God, we must learn to protect it and play safe with it. Rather than investing on treating diseases it is much sensible and sane of us to invest in health. Eat better to die later.


        On a larger scale, the factor contributing to a developed country is its fit and healthy citizens. All the developed countries spend substantial amount of their budgets in the health factor. In return the nation uses its full potential and mental faculties towards achievement of their respective countries. See the poor African countries which are affected by various kinds of viruses and epidemics. These nations are least developed and their economies are suffering from less revenue generation and they lack far behind in the race of progress.

        Though, success in each field depends on healthy body and mind, its role can best be understood in the field of sports. Have a look at the fitness of soccer players, cricketers, swimmers, athletes, boxers, skaters etc. And you will easily understand the role of health in success of these players.


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        Keeping oneself healthy requires good hygienic food, adequate sleep, avoiding deposit of fats in the body, exercising and constant monitoring of different body conditions. When we read biographies or autobiographies of successful people we observe that they have always been conscious about their health. One of the most important factor to avoid in order to maintain your health is to ignore negativity and any person who is pessimistic because these are the vital sources of stress and nowadays mostly diseases are rooted by stress for example depression, hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, obesity and many psychological disorders.

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        One important point is to make comparison between countries having health insurance schemes and those which don't have such systems. See the example of Great Britain where state plays a vital role in ensuring health of their citizens. Who can deny that these countries are far ahead from Somalia and Pakistan where epidemics and polio still inflict their people?

        In the nutshell, it may easily be concluded that both on micro and macro level i.e. individual or state, good health is a driver for positive change and development. Therefore, all the governments must focus to maintain good health of its people.

        Michael Gomez is a public health researcher and writer. He has done significant amount of work to spread awareness about health problems. His health tips blog on Video production is getting a lot of appreciation and following.