How Hypnosis Works Explained - Focused Attention


Hypnosis is a state of deep, focused relaxation. It is in that state that your subconscious becomes very open and receptive to suggestion. That being said, it is important to note that in hypnosis you are NEVER under someone else's power or control. Hypnosis is just deep, focused relaxation and nothing more.

Have you ever been driving somewhere, and when you got there you had no recollection of the ride? Or have you ever been driving and been so deep in thought that you missed the street you wanted to turn on? That is what hypnosis is like. You are "there" but you are not "there." You are still able to drive the car... but for all other purposes, your mind is somewhere else.

The type of hypnosis we perform at our centre and on our MP3's and CDs is VERY different than the hypnosis you see on TV or at a stage show. Our hypnosis is direct suggestion hypnosis induced by a progressive relaxation induction. In a hypnosis session, you will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable- it is not scary at all. It is important to note that our hypnosis MP3's and CDs should be listened to in a quiet and relaxing place. The TV is off... no one will bother you... the pet is in another room. You CANNOT listen to our hypnosis MP3's and CDs while driving.

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If you can relax, you can be hypnotised. (Even if you cannot relax you can be hypnotised. It just might take a little longer for you to experience that relaxed feeling.) Hypnosis has worked successfully for millions of people throughout the world. Why not let it work for you? Why not make losing weight or quitting smoking pleasurable? Hypnosis can make that happen.

If you are at all nervous about hypnosis, just remember you will never do anything you do not WANT to do. If we could hypnotise people to do things against their will, we would hypnotise every prisoner to be a model citizen. It just does not work that way. Hypnosis is a great way to accomplish something that for some reason you just cannot accomplish on your own.