How much Time will it take Before I see Results with Hypnosis CDs


The results you get with hypnosis will depend on your subconscious beliefs, desires, motivations, expectations and any experience you may have had with successfully using the power of your mind.

A person who is totally open to experience whatever happens and has no inner obstacles may experience results instantly. While someone who has trained his mind may get faster results than someone without any mind-training, sometimes – for various reasons – people find themselves in states of mind where they are fully open to having some experience and they do experience not only instant results, but may also have experiences that are more amazing than anything they may have even hoped to experience.

Under normal circumstances, without those exceptional states of mind, people are more likely to consistently experience immediate results in areas where they have some previous experience.

For example, everyone knows how to fall asleep, so if a person experiences insomnia, a hypnosis recording may help the person to get into a state of mind where he’d put aside whatever is preventing him from falling asleep, and he can fall asleep while working with hypnosis recordings – as the obstacle that’s been preventing him from falling asleep is removed.

A person who wants to quit smoking – knows how NOT to smoke – so if he is in the optimal state of mind for quitting – he has passed the threshold where he wants to be done and over with smoking – he may get instant results also. A person who is not ready and willing to quit may spend months with half-hearted attempts to quit and still keep smoking – because he hasn’t dealt with inner obstacles.

When it comes to changing the body – some changes may require a changes in lifestyle and inhabits – in the way one habitually thinks, and in the actions one habitually takes and how much time it takes for a person to deal with those things will depend on person’s motivation to have the change and willingness to be somewhat uncomfortable while getting used to the new lifestyle.

When a person is working on a change that requires learning new skills, then it may depend on whether the person has any related skills, whether the person believes he can master new skills and essentially how motivated is he to master them.

When it comes to changing some physical features in the body, let me remind you that in some people with multiple personality disorders one person can have blue eyes when one personality is present, and the color of the eyes may change to brown, as instantly as another personality appears; or a person may have an allergy or an illness when one personality appears, and this health problem may disappear as instantly as another personality appears – which just proves that body is in itself neutral and it can change as instantly as the consciousness that inhabits the body changes.

So, the results that you get will ultimately depend on your consciousness – not on the time that it took someone else to have similar changes.

How can I integrate working with hypnosis CDs in my busy schedule?

We all invest our time, energy and resources according to what we consider to be most important and beneficial for us. Sometimes people say that they want to work on specific issues with hypnosis, but they can’t find time – in which case the issue they have chosen to work on is obviously not that important for them. We all find time to do that which we consider being important for us.

Optimal way of working with hypnosis programs is listening to hypnosis recording once a day, perhaps before going to sleep, or for those who want faster results once in the morning, as soon as one wakes up, and once in the evening before going to sleep or at any time during the day when you feel more relaxed.

Many people who are busy and who commute a lot, listen to subliminal, supraliminal or supraliminal plus recordings while commuting or doing other things during the day which do not demand they're conscious attention. If you are driving a car, the only suitable recordings would be subliminal or supraliminal recordings, provided the music on those recordings is not distracting you from driving. If you are commuting by bus, train or subway, then you may listen to subliminal, supraliminal or supraliminal plus recording.

At some point during the day, you may be taking short breaks from whatever it is that you are doing, in which case you can take mini self-hypnosis sessions and envision yourself subjectively experiencing your desired outcome. You can do the same if you are somewhere waiting in line.