How significant are your thoughts - Mind Set


“Hello there. I just wanted to know regarding the worldview concept. If at all, I try thinking in a new way that you have suggested that we are all one, then I start thinking differently compared to people around me – but since all have thoughts and there are millions of thoughts in the world how can my single thought create circumstances that I desire around me … I mean the energy that follows my thoughts is negligible compared to the energy of the millions of thoughts out there … Thanking you. Yours truly. Sajol”

Whenever you have a thought, particularly when that thought is accompanied with an emotion, you are creating an effect in your body and in your life. If you pay attention to what is happening within you, you may notice the instant effect that some thoughts and emotions have on your body. You may think of food you’d like to eat and notice an increase of saliva in your mouth, or the increase of gastric juices in your stomach. You may think a peaceful thought and notice your breathing change. Or you may think an upsetting thought and notice your breathing speed up and your heart starts to race.

You may then notice how the thoughts you think to influence your behaviour – the way you feel about yourself and what you may feel motivated to do. You may notice how the thoughts you think influence others in different ways – they may influence those around you in a way that they respond to your behaviour, and you may notice that you tend to attract into your life that which corresponds to the thoughts you are thinking. On one level you may notice more of those things you are thinking about – for example, if you were thinking about a particular kind of car, you may suddenly become consciously aware of that car everywhere and it may seem that that kind of car all of a sudden became more prominent in your world. However, you may also notice that people start to mention topics that you were just thinking about, even if those topics are unusual for you and you do not customarily think of them.

You can think of the world we live in as a world made essentially out of consciousness and energy – in which every individualised thing or person is a mass of consciousness and energy vibrating at a particular frequency and drawing to itself whatever resonates at the same vibration. In that respect, you and your thoughts are at the same time an individualised centre of consciousness and a part of the web of life, a part of the ocean of boundless consciousness and energy. In quantum physics, they tend to refer to these two forms of existence as “particle” and “wave”. As “particle” you have defined attributes in time and space, whereas as “wave” you are all-encompassing, omnipresent, boundless – and you are both of those things at the same time – but you may choose to identify yourself with your limited physical (particle) self, or with your boundless spiritual (wave) self.

And just as you individual self-has its own consciousness, so do groups of like-minded individuals or systems have their own group consciousness. When it comes to your individual self, you tend to experience in your life the effects of your predominant thoughts. Your predominant thoughts and feelings create a particular vibration that draws to you from the ocean of boundless consciousness and energy whatever resonates with them. Within a group, it works the same way – a group would experience the effects the predominant thoughts/consciousness existing within that group. And on a smaller scale, the organs in your body have their own intelligence and programming, and each one represents a system.

On a physical level, things may appear to exist separately and in isolation, but everything is inter-connected, and our minds and bodies perform functions within the system, while at the same time they are exchanging the information with the environment and the web of life.

Now, back to your question – “How can your single thought create circumstances you desire?” A single meaningless thought will have close to no effect at all, but a thought vested with energy can have a powerful effect. You have associated meanings, emotions and energy with thoughts that represent your desires. These thoughts do not exist in isolation but are supported by other related thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you have already programmed into your mind. And when it comes to the world at large, there may be countless other people who have contributed their beliefs, emotions, and energy into related thoughts throughout time, so when you think a thought you are tuning into the pool of energy that resonates with the thought that you think. Even when you think differently than a particular group of people that you know of, you are still tuning in with your thoughts into the pool of energy of the vibration that is alike the thoughts that you are thinking.

When you think a thought, you tune into whatever resonates with it from the entire boundless pool of energy and consciousness. Moreover, that thought will give rise to your experience of reality, and the best way to discover the effect of your thoughts is through your own personal experience – through experimentation. No explanation beats direct experience. And the first step is to pay attention. Choose a thought to think throughout the day or a week, and pay attention to how that thought influences your daily experience – what happens in your body, in your behaviour, in the way other people relate to you, in the way that your day unfolds as a result of that thought. You can then pick an opposite thought and play with it throughout the day or a week and notice how your day turns out differently.