How to Build a Tray Shelf For Medicine


Having somewhere to keep medicine in your house is essential. This can help protect children from taking medicine when they shouldn’t, maintain medicine within required conditions among other benefits. Purchasing a cabinet where you can store medicine is costly. This article will discuss how you can build a medicine cabinet in your house.

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    • Features of a good medicine cabinet

      1. Should be made of quality material
      2. Should be high enough where children cannot reach
      3. Should have lockable doors.
      4. Should be spacious.
      5. Should provide temperatures required to maintain the medicine in good condition.
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      • Requirements

        Before you start building a shelf for your medicine, you will need the following tools:

        1. Cordless driller
        2. Tape measure
        3. Pencil
        4. Wood
        5. Hinges
        6. Lock
        7. Keyhole saw
        8. Seesaw
        9. Nails/glue


        You will first need to have the design and measurements of the cabinet you want to build. The next thing will be to identify where you want to build the cabinet. Once you are through with this, then follow the procedure below to start building your cabinet.

        Step 1: Measure and mark the wall

        After identifying the wall on which you want to build your cabinet, use the tape measure to measure the lengths required of the cabinet. The plan and design you had prepared earlier should guide you in taking these measurements. Mark the wall using either studs or a pencil so that it can be easier to locate where you had measured. This will help you know where you can cut. If you are marking using studs, you will need to have studs finder to locate their location.

        Step 2: Cut the wall where marked

        After marking the layout of the cabinet on the wall with a pencil, proceed to cut the wall using the keyhole saw. Make sure you do not deviate from the lines you had drawn. This will ensure that it becomes easy to fit in the cabinet after constructing it. Following the lines will also help you produce neat work.

        Step 3: Cut the wood

        After making the foundation of your cabinet on the wall, you can now cut the wood using a seesaw. The type of wood chosen should be easier to cut and work with. Before cutting the wood, measure using a tape measure the lengths that you cut on the wall. Mark with a faint pencil lines on the wood. Proceed to cut following the faint lines. After cutting the wood into required pieces, use sandpaper to smoothen any rough areas and prepare them for assembly. You can also paint the wood if you like.

        Step 4: Assemble the outer of the cabinet and attach shelves

        After smoothening and painting the wood you have cut, join the sides to the upper and lower parts. You can use glue or nails to assemble. After assembling the outer of the cabinet, attach shelves inside it using wood glue.

        Step 5: Put the cabinet in the wall

        Once your cabinet is ready, slide it into the wall.

        Step 6: Attach doors

        Using cordless driller, fix the doors to the cabinet. BCDP best drill set picks can be found in any shop selling construction materials.

        A cabinet can give a good appeal to your room and still keep your cupboard clear of medicine. Follow these steps to build your own cabinet for medicine.