How to Get Rid of Cavities


Before we go ahead to analyze the process of how to get rid of cavities, lets first understand the cavities.

A cavity is space formed inside the tooth once tooth decay is removed. Plaque, a colorless sticky film of bacteria constantly forms on our teeth, and this reacts with the sugar in the food we eat to produce acids that can weaken tooth enamel. It can occur in different spaces in our tooth i.e. on biting surface of teeth, between teeth and on the root surfaces of the teeth.

There are many home remedies which can help you get rid of cavities naturally without visiting a dentist.


Cloves are known spices for their medicinal qualities all over the world.Clove is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in tooth ache.It consists of an essential oil eugenol which acts as local anesthesia and hence lower down the pain in a toothache.

Mix it with some sesame oil and apply on your teeth. This mixture gets mixed with saliva to attack the germs and plaque.

Or else just take a whole clove chew it slowly to excrete the oils and then just move it below your tongue and let its nutrients mix with saliva to fight with plaque and bacteria.

This treatment is very helpful in preventing and curing cavities.

Clove oil is also considered good for a cavity treatment called oil pulling. Just put one tablespoon clove oil into your mouth and move it around your mouth like you do with mouthwash. Do this for around five minutes and spit out the oil. Then take some warm water to clean mouth for any leftover oil. This method is very effective in treating and healing the heal mouth cavities.

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    • Salt

      Salt have acidic property and hence is useful in treating bacteria causing cavities. Put some salt in a glass of warm water and keep it in themouth like a mouthwash swissing around to reach and treat every corner of your mouth. Do this for at least five minutes every day and spit it out. Now clean it with some plain water.

      This not only treats the cavities but also helps to prevent them from occurring. So, you can use it even if you are not suffering from any cavities to keep your teeth and gums healthy and germ-free.

      Alternatively, mix some salt with mustard oil and lemon juice and rub it on your gums and teeth, especially the affected area. Now clean with some clear water. You can follow this process at least two times every day to get rid of cavity-causing bacteria. The acidic nature of lemon juice with salt help kill the bacteria and mustard oil works to keep gums healthy.


      Garlic is known for its antibacterial properties which readily heals tooth cavities. Crush some cloves of Garlic and mix them with some rock salt. Now make it into a paste and put it on the affected area for around ten minutes. Wash the mouth with plain water. Repeat it every night to keep your teeth and gums healthy.