How to Hypnotize People: 9 Step Guide


Most people are fascinated by hypnosis, and wonder how it works. Have you always wanted to learn hypnosis? You will find the all the information you are seeking on hypnosis, here on this website.

Controlling the subconscious mind is an intriguing skill to have, but the amount of misinformation people have about hypnosis is really quite staggering. This can only be attributed to the way hypnosis is portrayed in movies and TV, where everything is overdramatized for effect.

No, as you learn hypnosis, you will find out that you cannot hypnotize a person against their will. Nobody can be hypnotized to do something that is unethical, immoral or against their spiritual systems. People don’t reveal their darkest secrets either, when hypnotized, if they don’t really want to.

But what hypnosis does is to help people give up bad habits and pick up good ones. Hypnosis is really effective when it comes to habit formation, such as quitting cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, motivating someone to lose weight and so on. Hypnosis also helps to relieve some of the pain experienced by people going through cancer treatment or suffering from severe headaches.

So how do you learn hypnosis and hypnotize someone safely, without there being any untoward consequences? We tell you how, just focus on the step-by-step guide given here.

  1. Step 1. You should start by hypnotizing a friend, who is very close to you, trusts you completely and with whom you share an excellent level of comfort.
  2. Step 2. Ask your friend to sit or lie down comfortably. They should be in an easy, comfortable position, and be completely relaxed. They should be free from any worry or anxiety.
  3. Step 3. Talk about hypnosis with your friend; reassure him or her that there is no reason to fear hypnosis and that you would never make them do what they don’t want to. Get them to totally relax and lose all the stress that has been built up through the day. Talk to your friend in a calm, soothing voice, relaxing them completely.
  4. Step 4. Ask your friend to breathe deeply and relax, let out all the tension within. Ask them to close their eyes, feel as relaxed as possible. You want your friend to be completely relaxed, forget all worries and anxieties and fall into a dream like state. It’s as though they are asleep, without actually being so.
  5. Step 5. You want your friend to be aware of the various parts of their body. You want them to relax their arms, fingers, legs and so on – which isn’t much different from what happens during meditation. You want your friend to focus on each body part and on how comfortable they feel about their body and not to think about anything, just to forget everything that is on the mind.
  6. Step 6. You are a hypnotist now, and it is important that you should be responsible. Be positive, you want your friend to be completely comfortable with you. Use positive reinforcements or encouragements – tell your friend that he or she is doing fine, that they are doing a wonderful job, that’s how to do it and so on.
  7. Step 7. Keep at it, and the person will be hypnotized, fall into a dreamlike state, during which their unconscious mind will be receptive to your talk.
  8. Step 8. How long it takes you to hypnotize someone varies from person to person. It may take you seconds to hypnotize some people and for others, it may take 20 to 30 minutes. If it’s taking you too long, then you should repeat certain parts of the process. As long as you’re patient, you shouldn’t have a problem.
  9. Step 9. Now, it’s time to emerge your friend from the hypnosis, tell your friend that you’re going to count to five, and that their eyes will open when you reach five and they will find completely relaxed. Count slowly, with your voice getting louder with each number.


That’s it. That’s how hypnosis works. Of course, you’ll require a lot of practice and when you’re looking to learn hypnosis, you should at the start only try to hypnotize your friends or family members who trust you completely.