How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly - Easy Steps


Do you want to learn more about how to do hypnosis on someone instantly? A lot of people feel like hypnosis is a negative trick – something you use to fool someone to behaving in a bad or silly manner to embarrass them, but this does not have to be the case.

In a lot of cases hypnosis can be helpful, allowing people to let go of a lot of tension they are holding that is making them uncomfortable.

If you learn the right techniques, you can help people to let go of a lot of this tension so they will be more comfortable and can overcome problems in their lives more easily.

People who are hypnotizing a willing participant should work on setting the mood first. You want this person to feel safe, without worrying that someone will see them or overhear what is going on.

Move to a clean room with dim lighting and a comfortable place for this person to sit or lie down.

There should be no distractions or noise that would accidentally bring this person out of the state of hypnosis early.

You then want to have this person focus on their breathing, teaching them to take deep and organized breathing instead of taking shallow breaths out of their chest like people usually do.

Have them count their breaths and relax as each breath goes on. Any instructions you give should be given in a low, soothing voice that will help people let go and move into a trance.

Once this person starts moving toward a deep relaxed state, ask them to visualize themselves on top of a set of 20 stairs. Tell them as they make their way down these stairs they will move farther into a hypnotic state.

Once they reach the end of the staircase they will be in a deep trance and they will only wake once you say the key words that will allow them to wake.

Set something easy like “wake up” for the key words that will not wind up confused or accidentally moved into the conversation you will have before you are ready for them to come out of the hypnotic state.

This is good enough to get them into an initial hypnotic state but you will want to take this state deeper if you want to have a deep conversation. Keep reminding them that every breath they take it will move them deeper into a hypnotic state so there is less of a risk that they will pull themselves out of the hypnotic trance prematurely.

Constantly remind them that they are safe and remaining in this state is effortless because tension can impede your ability to make use of the hypnotic trance and could cause this person mental distress.